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Virtual Gift Cards FAQ: Key Questions Answered

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Once again, we’re staring down the barrel of another festive season. Which is nothing but a good thing, of course, but this Christmas looks set to be another unusual affair.

With fewer people braving the High Street crowds than ever before, virtual gift cards could be the gift of the season.

Virtual gift cards have been around for years, but have really come into their own as of late. With newcomers to the concept in mind, here are few important insights into how these gift cards work and why they’re ideal for coffee lovers:

What Are Virtual Gift Cards?

A virtual gift card works in the same way as a conventional gift card, though has no physical form. It’s essentially a coupon code, which can be used when making a purchase in place of payment.

You choose the products you want to buy, you enter the code during the payment process and the balance is deducted accordingly.

Can I Give a Virtual Gift Card Physically?

Absolutely - there’s always the option of printing the card and handing it over the old-fashioned way. Which tends to be the preferred option for most, rather than simply handing the recipient a seemingly random bunch of numbers!

A virtual gift card printed on paper makes the perfect addition to a Christmas card, or any other greetings card for a special occasion.

What Can I Buy with a Virtual Gift Card?

Whatever takes your fancy! A premium bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, that Jamaican coffee gift basket you’ve had your eye on - the sky really is the limit.

Virtual gift cards are great because they encourage the recipient to spoil themselves. If they would be unlikely to splash out on Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in normal circumstances, a gift card could be just the thing to inspire an indulgence.

With our online gift cards, absolutely nothing is off the cards…pun very much intended!

How About Discounted Products and Sale Items?

Contrary to popular belief, gift cards can be used in conjunction with all other promos and discounts at the time. This is because a virtual gift card is a form of currency - not a promotion in its own right.

This therefore means that a virtual gift card can be used to take full advantage of the best seasonal special offers and promos. All the more reason to treat yourself to some exquisite Jamaican coffee, which for a limited time may be slightly less pricey to pick up.

What if I Don’t Spend the Full Balance?

Last up, our online gift cards are designed with total flexibility in mind. If you want to spend some of the balance now and the rest later, no problem. If you cannot make your mind up or find something that takes your fancy, you can take your time as long as you like.

All virtual gift cards have an expiry date and at Hayman is one year. With no rush to spend the balance, you can hold out for the special offer you’ve been waiting for!

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