Virtual Gift Cards For Mother’s Day: Points to Check Before You Buy

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Mothers day gifts that mean something don’t have to be difficult to track down. Admittedly, there are more generic and meaningless mother’s day gift ideas on the market than those that convey genuine sentiment. Nevertheless, making mother’s day a day to remember for all the right reasons can be simplified with one innovative mom gift idea.

If your mum is the ultimate coffee lover, why not give her a virtual gift card this mother’s day?

This is the kind of mother’s day gift ideas you simply cannot go wrong with. It shows thought, affection and appreciation, while at the same time giving your mum the freedom to choose her own perfect gift.

Whether it’s a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, a box of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee pods or some other gourmet coffee treat she has her eye on, the sky’s the limit!

What to Know When Buying Gift Cards Online

Here at Hayman Coffee, our approach to virtual gift cards for mother’s day prioritizes convenience and flexibility. However, this cannot necessarily be said for all online retailers.

Consequently, we always advise conducting a few basic checks before buying virtual vouchers as mothers day gifts, or any other gifts for that matter. The most important of which are as follows:

  • Check for Restrictions. There are some retailers that place limitations on the range of products that can be purchased using virtual gift cards.  Something that can adversely affect freedom of choice and should prompt you to rethink your decision.
  • Discount Product Purchases. Likewise, some retailers prohibit the use of virtual gift cards for the purchase of discounted products or special offer items. There is no justification for this, as virtual gift cards are simply a form of currency – not a special offer in its own right.
  • Expiration Dates. The recipient will usually have at least several months to use up the balance on their gift card. Mother’s day gift cards with short or strict time limitations should be avoided to provide maximum freedom of choice.
  • Second-Hand Gift Cards. There is a massive online market for partially used or unused virtual gift cards at reduced prices. However, many of these cards turn out to be invalid, expired or empty, having already been used by the seller.
  • Partial Use. Lastly, avoid gift cards that need to be spent all at once, with no option for spending smaller sums on several consecutive occasions.  Again, there is no justifiable reason for this kind of rule on the part of the retailer.

If looking for the ultimate virtual mother’s day gift ideas for a coffee-loving mum, look no further than Hayman Coffee. Our virtual gift cards are free from all unnecessary restrictions and complicated rules, allowing the recipient to buy anything they want in their own time.

This includes reduced-price items and anything on sale at the time – all of which can be purchased with our flexible gift cards. Order online in seconds, or contact a member of our customer support team anytime to learn more.

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