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Blue Mountain Coffee: Why You Should Try it?

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Ask any true coffee connoisseur and they’ll tell you the same – the Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica is different from any coffee you ever tried, you just have to try. No ifs, no buts and no excuses – give it a taste once and you will see what it will change your world and opinion about coffee forever.

But what is it about this one product that has sent the world’s coffee-loving community into such a frenzy? And more to the point, is all this fuss really justified?

In answer to the first question, there are various reasons why the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has skyrocketed to the top of the table for premium coffee shoppers worldwide. As for why, you really only have to take into account a few of its unique properties to understand the hysteria.

Taking these reasons into consideration, what follows is a brief roundup of four of the many reasons why you really need Blue Mountain coffee in your life (or at least to give it a try):

1. It is a Rare Coffee

First of all, you only need to look at the numbers to get an idea as to how rare and exclusive this amazing coffee really is. Put it this way – the Dominican Republic currently puts out about 180 million pounds of coffee per year. The coffee-growing region in Jamaica, by contrast, produces no more than around 4 million pounds for an entire year. Which is not a great deal when you divide it globally. Because there is so little of it, the Blue Mountain Coffee has become a prized commodity the likes of which has never been in greater demand. Particularly as 80% of the total annual Blue Mountain Coffee production from Jamaica goes straight to Japan. So if you do manage to get hold of some quality Jamaican Coffee from the Blue Mountain at home, you can consider yourself lucky (or well connected)!

2. It is a Unique Coffee

Why is Blue Mountain Coffee so rare? Quite simply, because it is a commodity that can only be grown in very specific growing conditions that are exclusive to this one tiny region in Jamaica. The designation can only apply to coffee grown at elevations above 3,000 feet where rich volcanic soil and unique climactic conditions result in an equally unique coffee bean. Many have tried to replicate or improve upon the recipe and production techniques, but there is simply no way of recreating the magic that happens in the nature.

3. It is a Difficult Production Process

While mass-production techniques may have become the norm elsewhere for the coffee industry, it is quite the opposite over in Jamaica for the production of the Blue Mountain Coffee. Another reason for this coffee’s exclusivity is the way in which the picking and production processes are so long, intensive and complicated. For instance, the climate where Jamaican Blue Coffee is grown is such that it takes about 10 months from the first bloom to harvest. That’s around double the time it takes to produce regular coffee in other regions in the world. The beans are selected and picked only by hand, put through an extensive quality control process and continually monitored – all by dedicated human farmers. Prior to being shipped, the beans are graded and even the slightest imperfection means immediate export restrictions. Once again, it is all done by hand to insure maximum quality.

4. It is an Incredibly Delicious Coffee

Last but not least, it is probably safe to say that all of the above doesn’t necessarily matter a great deal for a lot of coffee drinkers. However, the only thing that really matters is the taste of the Blue Mountain Coffee. This is the kind of coffee that begins to smooth away the blues the moment the water hits the grounds. Delicately mild and wonderfully complex, it is a multi-layered experience with rich spice and herbal tones, along with a floral-honey note and the most elegantly-satisfying finish imaginable. It may be the choice of the connoisseurs, but even those with little fine-coffee experience can instantly tell that they taste something really special.

On top of all of the above, it is also worth mentioning the fact that the Blue Mountain Coffee is only set to become rare and more expensive as time passes. The reason being that while demand for the best Jamaican Blue continues to skyrocket worldwide, it can and will only ever be produced in comparatively small quantities. Higher demand combined with minimal availability adds up to even greater exclusivity and thus prices.

So even if it is just to satisfy your own curiosity, there are some of the so many reasons why now really is the perfect time to give the Blue Mountain Coffee a try!

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