The Truth About Coffee

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Hayman has been a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association, the global authority in coffee excellence, since our foundation.

Specialty coffee is totally different from gourmet coffee, premium coffee, or deluxe coffee, because only specialty coffee has clearly defined quality standards.  

According to the Specialty Coffee Association, a coffee needs to score at least 80 points on a zero to 100-point scale to be considered specialty coffee. To achieve such a high score, the coffee needs to have excellent aroma and flavor notes, with a minimum number of defects.

Despite the much better aroma and flavor of Arabica coffee when compared to other coffee species, such as the cheaper Robusta, most Arabica coffee produced is still not good enough to be graded specialty coffee.

Most of the coffee available today on the market is one of three things:

  1. A blend/mix of Robusta with low quality Arabica coffee, or
  2. 100% Robusta, or
  3. 100% low quality Arabica coffee.

This is the reason why many people have their coffee with sugar, to disguise the unpleasant flavor of bad coffee.

Hayman is proud to offer only specialty-grade Arabica coffee, which is freshly roasted for you just before shipping. You will be immensely surprised by how much more pleasant and productive your days will be, when you power through them with delicious coffee! It's full of wonderful aromas and flavors that you had never associated with coffee.

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