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Coffee is supposed to be a delicious beverage, not the bitter and stale "caffeine fix" offered in many places. Hayman brings you the finest and freshest specialty coffees ever.

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I purchased this as a birthday gift for my sister as she's been upping her coffee game this past year, and when she opened her package, she was absolutely thrilled about the Geisha!

Steven L.
New York, USA

Impressive! You grab the package and from the outside you already notice an excellent coffee aroma! If you like coffee, it is totally impossible not to be impressed by the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It's simply impossible to beat!

Ann F.
London, United Kingdom

The aroma notes on this are superb.
It has a very gentle, clean taste. Do recommend it as a treat or fancy gift. 

Alain G.
Paris, France

There was a mix up with my address and the UPS shipping company. Peter, from customer care, truly went above and beyond to rectify it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the attentiveness he provided. Customer-oriented company and AMAZING coffee.

Christine S.
Toronto, Canada

Smoothest coffee you will ever drink. It’s pretty damn fantastic. I like that the roast date was 3 days prior to receiving it.

Ning W.
Hong Kong, China

I decided to splurge on Kona
coffee and I was pleasantly surprised. I used an old V60 and drank it black with a little sugar. There is no comparison to regular coffee whatsoever. Delicious, with no bitterness or acidity. If you are a coffee lover you must treat yourself to this.

Maryam A.
Dubai, UAE

This brand changed the idea I had
about coffee forever. What an aroma. What a delightful taste. This is in fact a premium coffee. I've been drinking something entirely different, I can now say. This is another league for the coffee world...

Corina G.
Sydney, Australia

This coffee is so awesome!
You can tell how fresh the coffee is when you first open the beautiful box. I drink regular Keurig cups at work, and on weekends I bring out the Hayman coffee and it feels like I've moved from beer to champagne.

Michael J.
Los Angeles, USA

This is by far is the best coffee! I love that they roast your coffee when you place your order instead of it just being stuffed in bags waiting to go out! Will be a constant staple in our place!

Alejandro P.
Madrid, Spain