8 Tips for Buying and Using Coffee Gift Cards

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Online gift cards open the door to a world of potential purchases for the discerning coffee fanatic. From green Hawaiian coffee beans to roast at home right through to the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces, there’s no shortage of options to explore.

It’s also a great idea if you’re not sure where to start - why not let the coffee-lover in your life choose their own Hawaiian coffee gift?

For the most part, online gift cards are more or less a fool-proof solution. Though there are a few important things to be mindful of, in order to ensure that you and the recipient get the most out of the online gift cards you buy.

Here are 8 tops to help make the most of shopping for and giving virtual gift cards:

  1. For obvious reasons, it’s worth checking what the retailer actually sells beforehand. If the recipient is obsessed with the best Kona coffee beans money can buy, check that they are in fact available first!
  2. Always buy exclusively from trustworthy sources - i.e. directly from the store itself. Second-hand gift cards from resellers often turn out to be expired or invalid.
  3. Check (or ask about) the store’s terms and conditions before buying, in order to find out if there are any restrictions placed on their online gift cards. Don’t find out at a later date that Kona coffee beans can’t be purchased with a gift card (they can with us!).
  4. You’ll also want to check how long the recipient has to spend the balance in full. Some retailers give you several months to make your mind up - others insist you spend the total balance within just a couple of weeks (at Hayman any online gift card balance is good for 1 year!).
  5. Under no circumstances should there be any additional fees or charges incurred for purchasing an online gift card. Otherwise, you may as well just give the recipient some cash, though admittedly doing so isn’t particularly ceremonious.
  6. Always keep the original receipt issued with the online gift card, just in case you encounter any issues. It’s not particularly common, but errors in the system can sometimes result in online gift cards being declined before actually being used. Not an issue if you still have your original receipt!
  7. If the expiry date of a gift card is fast approaching, you should be able to ask the retailer for an extension. Try to avoid those who don’t demonstrate a decent amount of flexibility.
  8. Likewise, if your virtual gift card is lost or stolen, you can contact the issuer straight away to have it frozen and replaced. You should never be left out of pocket due to an unforeseen eventuality.

And there you have it - shop with each of these tips in mind to get the best out of your online gift cards, both for you and the lucky recipient.

For more information or to discuss any aspect of gift cards (or the best Kona coffee beans) in more detail, contact a member of the team at Hayman Coffee today.

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