Online Gift Cards: A Few Key Points to Consider

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On one hand, you could argue that yes - the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces is the ideal Christmas gift for any coffee lover. A batch of the best Kona coffee beans is a guaranteed hit with anyone who knows what good coffee is all about.

As is any kind of Hawaiian coffee gift basket, for that matter.

But at the same time, there’s also much to be said for online gift cards. The idea being that with our online gift cards, you give the recipient the freedom to pick up whatever type of Hawaiian coffee they like. Whether they want to roast their own Hawaiian coffee beans at home or splash out on the best Kona coffee beans money can buy, online gift cards open the door to limitless possibilities.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Buying and giving online gift cards is all about simplicity and convenience. They’re also growing in popularity all the time, with a recent study having found that at least 52% of people have used an online gift card or coupon code of some sort over the past year.

Nevertheless, there are a few important things to keep in mind if planning to use online gift cards this year. Be mindful of the following, before placing your order:

  • Some Stores Impose Restrictions. In some instances, you may find that an online store places restrictions on what its gift cards can be spent on.  This can significantly limit the appeal and versatility of a gift card - always stick with those that allow you to spend online gift cards on anything without restrictions.
  • Check for Time Limitations. Online gift cards will always have an expiry date, but avoid those that only give the recipient a short amount of time to make their purchase. If they’ve only a few weeks after receiving it to spend the balance in full, it’s not ideal - opt for something that gives them more time to decide.
  • Third-Party Sellers Are Best Avoided. You’ll often find gift cards for sale on various online marketplaces at discounted prices. The only problem being that until the time comes to use the gift card, you won’t know whether it is genuine - or if it’s already been redeemed. For the most part, therefore, third-party resellers are best avoided.
  • They’re Instantaneous. Last up, online gift cards could well be the ultimate last-minute gift ideas for all occasions. Place your order online and the gift card can be delivered to the recipient’s inbox in a matter of seconds - perfect for well-meaning but slightly absent-minded gift givers!

At Hayman Coffee, we’re committed to offering online gift cards that are as flexible and accommodating as possible. No restrictions and no complicated terms and conditions, just the freedom to choose whatever you like from our entire product range - click here to order now!