Why Now Is the Time to Try Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican blue mountain coffee, Jamaican coffee


Still holding out for a cheap and cheerful cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee? Our advice - don’t hold your breath! Jamaican coffee is one of the country’s most desirable exports, enjoyed worldwide by those who know a good cup of joe. Nevertheless, stumbling across a bargain batch of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee isn’t something that happens often.

In fact, it doesn’t happen at all!

If you’re serious about your coffee, you’ll understand the appeal of premium-quality Jamaican coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in particular has become one of the most prestigious and sought-after assets of its kind worldwide. The problem being that as is the case with all premium assets, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee also packs a premium price.

Search all you like, but tracking down quality Jamaican coffee at a rock-bottom price is implausible. Not only this, but hold out too long and you could be looking at an even more expensive cup when you finally take the plunge. 

Why is now the time to try Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?  Procrastination could prove expensive… and here’s why:

1) There’s very little to begin with

First up, the total annual output of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is spectacularly low. It forms just a fractional percent of total coffee volumes produced and shipped worldwide each year, making it an exclusive commodity that inherently commands a high price. One that often exceeds most other types of Jamaican coffee across the board.

2) There’s even less after pre-orders are shipped

Along with there being very little Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to begin with, approximately 80% of the stuff is snapped-up by wholesale buyers in the Far East. So by the time everyone else gets a shot, there’s only 20% left to fight over. Unsurprisingly, this takes the price of quality Jamaican coffee even higher.

3) Annual output cannot be increased

Due to the very specific growing conditions required to produce Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, there’s no realistic way of increasing annual output.  Demand is growing steadily, but the annual production volumes from Jamaica are remaining pretty much the same. So if you’re waiting for supply to suddenly outstrip demand and lower its price, it just isn’t going to happen!

4) Prices are set to steadily increase

Combine all of these factors and you find yourself facing one inevitable conclusion - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee prices are set to climb indefinitely. It’s the same as it would be with any other commodity - growing demand, limited supply and a prestigious reputation worldwide. As a result, there’s every chance that today’s Jamaican coffee prices are as low as they are ever going to get. Hence, if you’ve been thinking about giving Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee a try, there really is no time like the present!

In any case, one taste of this ferociously delicious coffee and you won’t question the price… you’ll question why you didn’t experience it sooner!

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