5 Reasons Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Will Never Be Cheap | Jamaican Coffee | 2023 Update

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The eternal quest for low-cost Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the famous coffee which comes in wood barrels, is one shared by millions of gourmet coffee lovers all over the world in 2023. Most of whom genuinely believe that if they search long and hard enough, they’ll find this extraordinary specialty coffee of the arabica species for a comparatively low price.

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case at all. If you ever come across Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee on sale for a bargain price, you can rest assured it isn’t the real-deal. Unfortunate as it is, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee never has been and never will be cheap…period.

On the positive side, it’s also worth every penny and more. You really only need to experience this incredible Jamaican coffee once to understand what all the fuss is about. What’s more, get to know the story of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in a little more detail and you’ll appreciate why it never can be and never will be cheap.

Rather than wasting your time on a fruitless search for cheap Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, consider instead what makes it such a revered gourmet coffee in the first place:

#1 – The total output from the Blue Mountains is very low

For example, the region responsible for producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee generates a comparatively tiny annual output. For example, the Dominican Republic produces somewhere in the region of 120 million lbs of coffee every year. Over in Jamaica, this particular region puts out no more than around 4 million lbs of arabica coffee. Needless to say, this kind of rarity and exclusivity eliminates bargain prices from the equation.

#2 – There’s not much left after Japan places its orders

Despite being a relatively compact nation in its own right, Japan purchases more than 75% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee grown on an annual basis. This means that while there may be very little of this great Jamaican coffee stuff to play with in the first place, there’s 75% less for the rest of the world to fight over once Japan has placed its orders.

#3 – The growing conditions are unique

Another reason why this world-famous Jamaican coffee will never be cheap is the way in which it cannot be grown anywhere else on the planet. Both the soil conditions and the climate where Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is grown are 100% unique and exclusive to this region alone. What’s more, it takes approximately twice as long to cultivate these exquisite specialty coffee beans as it does the average coffee grown elsewhere.

#4 – A labour-intensive picking process

What’s more, the conditions needed to cultivate Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee also make for a difficult and somewhat treacherous process of picking the arabica coffee cherries. Rather than using heavy machinery to get the job done quickly and easily, it’s a case of skilled workers with generations of collective experience taking care of the whole thing by hand.

#5 – It’s unbelievably delicious

Last but not least, those who produce and sell Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee could technically get away with selling it for any price they wish. The reason being that it is possibly the best coffee in the world by a huge margin. So while it’s true to say that this particular Jamaican coffee is never going to be a particularly cheap commodity, it always packs a real punch when it comes to value for money.

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