Buyers Beware: Fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is Still a Problem in 2023

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Where there’s a will to make money at the expense of others, there’s a way to make it happen. Unfortunate as it may be, there’s barely a valuable commodity in the world these days that isn’t subject to counterfeiting and fraudulent trade.  Which is why it’s technically no big surprise to hear of the problem with fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee reaching epidemic levels in various parts of the world.

The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) has stated that it intends to get more serious than ever before with fighting the sale of fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, particularly on home soil. Sales of counterfeit coffee are apparently getting out of control across the country, though it isn’t just at home in Jamaica that the problem exists. A task force has been set up by Industry Board Chairman Delano Franklyn to tackle the issue head on, which will involve a series of raids and preventative measures being implemented at the end of the year.

Still a Global Issue in the Year of 2023

Unfortunately, all such efforts will do little to combat the problem of an incalculable quantity of fake Jamaican Coffee products already on sale all over the world. Craft markets, supermarkets and local gift shops around Jamaica are apparently the main targets for those involved in the crackdown.  Authorities have been repeatedly tipped off by locals and visitors alike, having come across fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee both in stores and even being served in many hotels and restaurants.

Those found guilty of violating trademark law when it comes to coffee packaging, marketing and distribution in Jamaica face a prison sentence of up to 6 months and fines as high as $600,000. Nevertheless, bringing those responsible to justice is likely to prove difficult, given the way in which such products have already found their way as far overseas as Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just customers who are losing out due to the prevalence of fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Production fell catastrophically over recent years due to a series of hurricanes and the outbreak of disease. Counterfeit coffee sold at a lower price and made more readily available than the real-deal takes critically important sales away from the hardworking farmers and producers behind genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Spotting the Fakes

In terms of what the average member of the public can do to help, there are two reasons why spotting fake Jamaican coffee can be difficult. The first of which being how many products are packaged and labelled so professionally and convincingly that you find yourself with little cause for suspicion. And the second being that even if there were glaring errors or omissions with the Jamaican coffee labels, the average buyer would not be able to identify them anyway.

After all, such products are specifically presented in a manner that makes them look as authentic as possible.

Which in turn means that there are really only two ways of ensuring that the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee you buy is 100% authentic, every time. Which are as follows:

  • REPUTABLE RETAILERS. First and foremost, it’s the responsibility of every coffee retailer to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the coffees they sell on to the public are authentic. Nevertheless, this just isn’t the case as far as many retailers are concerned. Always buy from the best and you can be confident that you are buying the best beans as a result.
  • DEALS AND DISCOUNTS. As far as JACRA is concerned, staying clear of counterfeit coffee is as easy as avoiding suspicious deals and discounts. The reason being that if you are offered Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for a price that seems too good to be true, it is almost guaranteed that you are looking at fake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

It’s important to remember that real Jamaican Mountain Coffee is produced in extremely small quantities every year and represents an exclusive, premium commodity. Which is why those who claim to have a stockpile of the stuff and are able to sell it for half the normal price are actually selling you little more than lies.

If in doubt, speak to a responsible and reputable Jamaican coffee retailer, such as Hayman. We are licensed by JACRA as importers and retailers of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. 

You can rest assured that Hayman’s 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by JACRA as being genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (you can see the authenticity certificate in the image above). For more information about our 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and to order it online, click here, we offer free worldwide shipping!