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What to Know About Virtual Gift Cards?

virtual gift cards, jamaican blue mountain coffee, jamaican coffeeVirtual gift cards are set to be more popular than ever before this year. The ultimate gift for Christmas 2020 for a whole bunch of reasons, a virtual gift card is the perfect way for the recipient to shop safely for pretty much anything they want.

Whether it’s an order of small-batch Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans or a premium Jamaican coffee gift basket, there’s no shortage of fantastic gift items on offer right here.

But before placing your order, here are just a few things you need to know about virtual gift cards and how they work:

What Are Virtual Gift Cards?

As the name suggests, a virtual gift card is a gift card that exists in a ‘virtual’ form, rather as a physical card. Virtual gift cards are sent and received in the form of a unique code, which is then redeemable when the recipient enters the code on the corresponding website.

Rather than sending the card through the post in the traditional way, you simply send the card (or code) directly to the person’s inbox with the greeting of your choosing. Or, if preferred, you can print out the code or voucher and place it inside a traditional card, if you prefer to do things the conventional why!

What Can I Buy with a Virtual Gift Card?

The short answer is - absolutely anything you like! Unless there are specific restrictions placed on the gift card by the retailer (which is always worth checking), there should be no specific limitations on what you can buy.

You can also put the balance of a gift card towards the total price of something more expensive. If you have a gift card of €50 and would like to place an order for €100, you can use the gift card and pay the remaining €50 by any other means.

Can I Use a Gift Card in Conjunction with Other Special Offers?

Absolutely! It’s a common misconception that gift cards (virtual and otherwise) cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers and discounts. This simply isn’t the case, as a gift card in its own right doesn’t constitute a special offer. It’s simply another form of currency, which can subsequently be used on anything you like.

Hence, come across a great deal on some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee you’ve been wanting to try for some time and it’s yours for the taking. No specific restrictions on how an online gift card can be used - at least, when shopping with us!

Is There A Time Limit Within Which I Must Use the Gift Card?

Last up, all gift cards are to an extent time-limited in nature for a variety of reasons. However, the date of expiry will be printed clearly alongside the code/voucher, which will always give you at least several months to spend the balance. In the case of Hayman Coffee’s virtual gift cards there is an extended expiry date of 1 year!

In any case, if you find yourself approaching the end of the allocated period and still haven’t used the gift card in full, give us a call. We’ll ensure you don’t lose any of your credit to be spent here at Hayman Coffee!

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