Virtual Gift Cards & Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: A Match Made in Heaven

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You know the java-addict in your life can’t resist Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and you’d like to get them their dream Jamaican coffee gift this Christmas. The problem being that not only do you not know what they already have, but you also don’t know what kinds of beans, grounds and so on they prefer.

Difficult to know where to begin?

Not at all - why not opt for a virtual gift card and let them have the pick of our entire selection?

The Benefits of Virtual Gift Cards

Increasingly, more people than ever before are turning to virtual gift cards as an alternative to traditional Christmas gifts and vouchers. For obvious reasons, more people than ever before are also now shopping online, proactively avoiding anywhere crowded to keep themselves safe.

Something that’s gradually becoming the new norm and looks set to stay with us indefinitely.

But even outside the obvious health and safety benefits of shopping online, there are several benefits to virtual gift cards that are worth considering. So, if the intention is to spoil the coffee-lover in your life this year but you do not know where to start, here’s why a virtual gift card really is the perfect present:

1) It’s Convenient for You. Right off the bat, giving the gift of an online gift card really couldn’t be quicker or easier. You simply place your order online and send the code/card directly to the inbox of the recipient. Or, if preferred, print it out and give it to them in a card the traditional way.

2) It’s Convenient for Them. After which, the recipient gains access to an epic catalogue of exclusive coffee products to choose from, without setting foot outside their home. They you can even shop from the mobile device in their pocket, if preferred.

3) Free Shipping. As an added bonus, standard free shipping is always included when shopping with Hayman Coffee. This means the balance of the card is the balance they have to spend on whatever they want - no hidden extras.

4) It’s Personal. Sending virtual gift cards needn’t be impersonal, as there’s the opportunity to write any greeting or message you like to accompany your code. Or again, print it and give it to someone in the more traditional context if preferred.

5) It’s Inspiring. How can a simple virtual gift card be inspiring? It’s simple - they’ll almost definitely spend it on something they wouldn’t normally have treated themselves to. Perhaps something they’ve had their eye on for some time, but have been waiting for a special occasion to treat themselves.

Quick, convenient and easy to arrange, virtual gift cards for coffee gifts and gift baskets really are as good as it gets. Particularly in an era where even popping down to the local shops can be hazardous - browsing store after store for the ideal Christmas gift is probably out of the question.

Hayman's virtual gift cards can be printed or delivered by email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other messaging app, and contain instructions on how to easily redeem the most original of coffee gifts into gourmet treasures like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the crown jewel of Jamaican coffee – click here to order now!