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Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a Great Gift for Christmas

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Virtual gift cards


Struggling to come up with a good gift idea for the coffee lover in your life this Christmas? There’s one choice you really can’t go wrong with - a batch of premium quality Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans.

Or for that matter, any kind of high-end Jamaican coffee product, or simply a virtual gift card with which they can choose their own coffee gift or coffee gift basket!

But what is it about Jamaican coffee that makes it the perfect gift for pretty much any coffee lover? Whether in the form of a batch of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans or a virtual gift card they can spend on whatever they like, why is Jamaican coffee the ultimate commodity for the discerning coffee connoisseur?

1) There’s not much to go around

For one thing, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans are expensive for the main reason that there’s not a great deal of the stuff in the first place. It’s produced in comparatively tiny quantities each year, which for the most part are immediately snapped up by several of the world’s biggest coffee consuming markets. What’s left can be difficult to track down and is always reassuringly expensive - just the kind of thing a true java-head will appreciate.

2) It’s unlike any other coffee

There are no gimmicks with Jamaican coffee - it really is a 100% unique product. This is due to the uniqueness of the environment in which it is grown and the conditions it is exposed to, along with the painstaking production process that follows each harvest. All of which again adds up to a product that’s both tricky to track down and packs a premium price when you do.

3) The taste is simply stunning

What’s interesting is how you don’t have to be a committed coffee fanatic to know what the fuss is about with this stuff. One smell or taste and you know it’s unlike anything you have experienced before. It has the most remarkable fragrance and flavor, which have to be experienced first-hand to be appreciated. Irrespective of how much gourmet coffee they’ve tried to date, there’s nothing that quite compares to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

4) It’s a premium commodity

Last up, one of the main reasons Jamaican coffee makes the perfect gift (or use for a virtual gift card) is the fact that it’s such a premium commodity. It’s the kind of coffee you treat yourself to every now and again, or splash out on when you feel like spoiling yourself. Hence, there’s no better way of convincing the coffee lover in your life to purchase and enjoy something super premium, which they may otherwise overlook and deny themselves.

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