Coffee Gifts for Every Type of Coffee-Lover | Coffee Gift Baskets

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Summer’s here and Christmas feels just about as far away as it gets.  Nevertheless, no time of year is the wrong time to indulge the coffee-lover in your life with all manner of thoughtful coffee gifts.

The question being - where to start? With so many superb coffee presents to choose from, how can you ensure you pick the right coffee presents for that oh-so worthy recipient?

It’s easy really – you just need to consider what type of coffee-lover they are! If they fall into any of the following brackets, you’ll probably find buying the perfect coffee gifts far easier than you might expect:

Coffee Gift Baskets for The Connoisseur

If there’s a true coffee connoisseur you’d like to treat, the very finest gourmet coffee gift baskets come highly recommended.  For those who take their coffee seriously, there really is nothing quite like receiving one or more packs of the finest coffee money can buy from around the world.  The kinds of coffees they themselves may not treat themselves to on a regular basis. Check our incredible coffee menu and create the best of all coffee gift baskets!

Coffee Presents for the Barista

For the barista in your life – or anyone who already has seriously developed brewing skills – you won’t go wrong with a premium accessory of some kind. A jug, a tamper, a storage container – it doesn’t really matter what it is, just as long as it’s both practical and of the highest possible quality. Try to avoid niche gadgets and novelties they won’t have any real use for.

Coffee Gifts for The Scientist

We all know at least one coffee-lover who approaches the entire process like one enormously exciting scientific experiment. In this instance, you won’t go wrong with a siphon coffee maker – aka a vacuum coffee brewer. These fabulous devices transform the simple art of brewing coffee into the kind of deeply satisfying scientific experience some folks just can’t get enough of.

Coffee Gifts for the Caffeine-Free Crowd

These days, skipping the caffeine doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or choice. Particularly when it comes to today’s very best coffee gifts, which are available to suit all tastes and preferences across the board. We offer a genuinely outstanding decaf gourmet coffee, produced using the innovative Swiss water processing method for incredible purity and taste.

Coffee Presents for the One Who Has Everything

Last but not least, if struggling to come up with the perfect coffee gifts for the coffee-lover who already seems to have everything, you really can’t go wrong with a gift voucher. Even if it doesn’t seem particularly imaginative, gift vouchers give the recipient total freedom to buy whatever it is that takes their fancy at the time. Specialty coffee, the latest gadgets, their own preferred coffee gift baskets – a whole range of incredible gifts to choose from.

At Hayman’s online coffee store you will find fabulous coffee presents for all occasions. All of our amazing specialty coffee comes in a beautiful box, making it an original and exclusive gift – click here to order today, we offer free worldwide shipping!