Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

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Shopping around for conventional mothers day gifts can be quite uninspiring.  With each mother’s day that comes and goes, so too does a quite astonishing range of generic mother’s day gift ideas.

If looking to step away from the generic and unimaginative this year, why not give the gift of pure prestige? Why not make this mother’s day one to remember, by introducing her to the world of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee?

At the risk of stereotyping, most mums are not in the habit of spoiling themselves quite as often or extensively as they should. Precisely why mother’s day provides the perfect opportunity to do it for them. Ideally, with the kinds of meaningful mother’s day gift ideas that go beyond the usual basics.

If your mum happens to be a coffee fanatic, there is really nothing better than a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Here is why:

1) It is not widely available

Firstly, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is not the kind of commodity you stumble across by accident. Quite the opposite, it is something you need to search for and track down proactively. Precisely why it escapes and eludes most people – including mums who love coffee. It is unlikely to be something she will encounter on a regular basis and buy for herself, making it a great idea as a mom gift.

2) It takes indulgence to new heights

Cliché as it may be, it is nonetheless true to say that you have to experience Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee first-hand to understand what all the fuss is about. The moment the water hits the ground coffee, you know something special is about to follow.  The whole thing bursts into life with the kind of near-intoxicating fragrance and flavor you cannot describe in words alone. It is coffee, but not as you know it – an entirely different experience that takes the senses on an unforgettable journey.

3) It is a perfect introduction to gourmet coffee

If your mum loves good coffee, she will absolutely adore this stuff. And if she gets a kick out of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, chances are it will pave the way for further exploration of the world of gourmet coffee. This in itself is one of the best mom gift ideas – something that sparks a new interest…maybe even an obsession. Once you get started in the world of premium quality from artisan growers, it can be quite the ‘rabbit hole’ experience!

4) It packs a premium price

Lastly, the fact that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee packs a premium price can make it an indulgence many mums aren’t willing to justify. Even though they clearly deserve it, they pass up the opportunity in favor of something more affordable. The very best mothers day gifts are always those that involve something she would not normally buy for herself. A treat and a personal indulgence to enjoy, like a bag of the best coffee beans in the world.

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