The very in demand Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules

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Nespresso pods (and gourmet coffee pods in general) have been around for some time now, continuously growing in popularity along the way. 

Where manufactured responsibly, coffee pods and coffee capsules don’t have to pose a threat to the environment. It’s simply a case of ensuring that the Nespresso capsules and pods you pick up can be recycled, rather than simply disposed of.

But along with the whole environmental side of the whole thing, what is it about coffee pods and capsules that makes them so popular? With such a huge variety of growing methods, machines and marvellous gadgets to choose from, what’s behind the extraordinary popularity of Nespresso pods and capsules?

When you think about it, the appeal of the capsule brewing method isn’t difficult to understand:

1) Single serving coffee

One of the biggest benefits of Nespresso capsules is the ability to brew a single serving of coffee, anytime you like. All while preserving the freshness of the coffee in the rest of your coffee pods, as opposed to opening a bag of beans or grounds and watching them slowly deteriorate.

2) Speed and simplicity

The sheer speed with which a Nespresso pod machine can brew a cup of fantastic coffee is quite remarkable. There’s simply no other brewing method that’s faster, making it a great choice for when you can’t wait to get your hands on another cup!

3) Total convenience

The same can also be said for the clean-up process, which with coffee pod machines is more or less non-existent. You simply remove the used coffee pods when required and place them in the appropriate recycling receptacle – nothing to wash, rinse, dry or disassemble.

4) Water temperature precision

This is something that is often overlooked, but nonetheless makes a huge difference to the quality and enjoyment of all types of coffee. High-end coffee capsule machines heat the water to a very specific temperature with pinpoint precision. The water passes through the capsule at a temperature slightly below boiling, ensuring consistently high-quality coffee with every use.

5) Precise measurements and ratios

Speaking of consistency, a coffee pod machine takes all responsibility and guesswork where measurements and ratios are concerned out of your hands.  Each cup is brewed with the perfect quantity of coffee, the ideal amount of water and at the appropriate speed. All of which means it is literally impossible to go wrong – irrespective of how hard you try!

6) Scope for experimentation

Last but not least, the market for gourmet coffee capsules has come a long way over recent years. No longer is it a case of limiting yourself to a few mass-produced options from the usual big brands – there’s a whole world of remarkable artisan coffees to try out. All packaged and sealed in a way that preserves freshness, while at the same time simplifying the brewing process so you’re guaranteed a flawless result.

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