The Many Benefits of Nespresso Pods | Blog post on Nespresso capsules

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For millions of committed coffee lovers all over the world, Nespresso capsules have become something of an everyday essential.  Despite the fact that Nespresso pods have been around for such a comparatively short period of time, they have nonetheless gained immense popularity on a global basis.

The question being – are there any real advantages to Nespresso capsules, over and above alternative coffee brewing methods?

As for the answer…as usual, it depends on whom you ask. But at the same time, there are some definite and undeniable benefits to Nespresso pods that have made them such an extraordinary success story.

…which include the following five examples:


First of all, one of the key benefits of using coffee pods is the way in which you don’t have to break the seal on a larger bag/pack of coffee all at once. Each capsule is sealed and therefore kept fresh for the time it is used to make just one cup of coffee. Which in turn means that each and every cup of coffee you’re enjoying is every bit as fresh and delicious as the next and the last.


In addition, there’s the benefit of knowing that every cup of coffee you brew using Nespresso capsules has the precise blend of ingredients required to make a perfect cup of coffee. This means that not only are you guaranteed consistently delicious coffee, but also minimise waste. You will never find yourself using too much or too little of the stuff, given the way in which everything is already precisely measured and ready to use.


When coffee pods first arrived, there wasn’t a great deal of choice to speak of.  These days however, things have shifted wildly in the opposite direction. Along with just about every type of coffee imaginable, it is now possible to pick up Nespresso pods from an increasingly long list of manufacturers and suppliers.  Which in turn means that no matter what type of coffee you happen to be into, you will no doubt find the perfect pods to suit.


Of course, there’s also much to be said for the simplicity of using the Nespresso coffee brewing method in general. While there are various ways and means by which an incredible cup of coffee can be produced, most have a tendency to be somewhat messy or complicated. Or at least, complicated in comparison with simply using a Nespresso capsule. Outstanding coffee in a matter of seconds with almost no mess to clean up on the other side!


Last but not least, Nespresso capsules can be great for experimenting with different types of coffee and discovering new things. One of the best ways of doing so being to invest in something of a selection box, containing a variety of different types of coffee to try out. And of course, the very nature of coffee capsules like these makes them ideal and outstanding gifts for the coffee-lover in your life!

To find out about the best specialty coffee in Nespresso compatible pods *, such as the world-famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Best Kona Coffee Hawaii, and Panama Geisha coffee (also called Gesha coffee), visit Hayman's online coffee store! Last but not least, Hayman's coffee pods are made of plastic and therefore are fully and easily recyclable.


* Nespresso ® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., unrelated to Hayman ®.