Nespresso Pods and Capsules: Five Common Myths and Untruths

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Coffee capsules in general have been getting something of a bad rep as of late.  From the cheapest pods on the market to the most exquisite gourmet Nespresso pods, capsules in general are frowned upon by many.

But what most of those concerned fail to realize is the way in which coffee capsules have come a long way over recent years. Most of the stigma and negative connotations associated with Nespresso capsules and similar pods really no longer apply.

To set the record straight on a few important issues, here’s a brief rundown of five common myths and untruths about coffee pods:

1) Coffee capsule coffee is never as good

On one hand, you could state that yes – coffee capsule quality varies massively from one product to the next. However, the very best gourmet coffee pods you can pick up today produce coffee that’s every bit as good as the best whole bean coffee money can buy. It’s just that if you opt for pods that are stuffed with low quality coffee and placed on supermarket shelves months before being sold, you can’t realistically expect a quality result.

2) Capsules always contain low quality coffee

This is determined entirely on who produces the capsules and where you buy them from. Again, there are plenty of mass-produced coffee capsules on supermarket shelves that really are not worth bothering with. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those that are packed with the most exquisite gourmet coffee money can buy. It’s up to you to check which you’re buying, before handing over your money.

3) Coffee pods are killing the planet

Conventional coffee capsules stocked and sold by major supermarkets have a tendency to be 100% non-recyclable. The result of which is hundreds of millions of coffee pods finding their way into landfills all over the world on a daily basis.  By contrast, the best Nespresso capsules money can buy are now manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. There are even refillable versions available, which can be used indefinitely to eliminate waste entirely. Hayman’s Nespresso®* compatible capsules are made of last generation polypropylene (i.e. plastic) and have two aluminum seals, hence are 100% recyclable once separated from the coffee inside.

4) Coffee pods are too expensive for what you get

Expense is all in the eye of the beholder, as it depends entirely on how much enjoyment you get out of your capsules. While it’s true to say that coffee pods are often more expensive than comparable coffee beans or grounds, they’re also exponentially quicker, easier and more convenient to work with. You get an amazing cup of coffee in seconds at the touch of a button, with absolutely nothing to clean up afterwards.

5) There’s no variety available

Last but not least, the market for quality coffee pods available right now is no less than extraordinary. Some of the world’s finest and most exclusive coffees from artisan producers of huge acclaim are being packed into 100% recyclable coffee capsules by responsible roasters. New and interesting products are being added to the mix all the time, meaning there really is a limitless range of options to choose from and all the variety you could ever ask for.

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