The Pros and Cons of Refillable Nespresso Capsules / Nespresso Pods

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All over the world, the popularity of coffee capsules like Nespresso pods is at an all-time high. In terms of quality, convenience, variety, affordability and even responsibility, coffee pods are getting better all the time.

But alongside the market for conventional Nespresso capsules and other coffee pods, a growing number of coffee-lovers are beginning to experiment with refillable Nespresso pods. As the name suggests, these are specially designed pods - usually made of metal – which can be reused indefinitely.

Rather than being thrown away after use, refillable coffee capsules can be opened, cleaned and subsequently filled with just about any ground coffee. A hugely popular alternative to traditional capsules, refillable pods nonetheless bring certain advantages and disadvantages to the table.

So if you’ve been considering investing in a set of refillable pods, here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons:

The Pros of Refillable Nespresso Capsules

1) More Choices

First up, one of the biggest advantages of using refillable is the way in which you can choose from just about any coffee on the face of the earth. Order the specialty ground coffee of your choosing, or grind your own beans, even combine different coffees to make your own blends. There are literally infinite options to explore.

2) Less Waste

Of course, many would also say that as the refillable coffee pods don’t have to be discarded after use, they’re far better for the environment. Reusable or recyclable Nespresso pods are always the best course of action where possible.

3) Strength Control

In addition to choosing your favourite coffee, refillable Nespresso capsules also mean being able to choose your perfect strength and more or less coffee, until you come up with the perfect cup for your taste.

The Cons of Refillable Nespresso Pods

1) Precise Grinding

On the downside, getting it right with refillable coffee pods means being extremely precise when it comes to grinding. Whether purchasing ground coffee or grinding the beans yourself, they need to be of perfect coarseness to produce a decent cup.

2) Weighing and Measuring

The same also goes for weight and measurements, as you will need to ensure that you use the right amount of coffee for the respective amount of water. If anything is out of balance, the resulting coffee may be substandard.

3) Freshness Issues

Last up, a key benefit of high-end specialty coffee capsules is their ability to hold on to their freshness. As they’re sealed, they can remain much fresher than the ground coffee within an open bag or container.

Worth a Shot?

In terms of whether refillable Nespresso capsules are worth a shot, the answer is determined by your personal preferences and priorities. Just as long as you shop exclusively for the best coffee beans and ground coffee money can buy, it is perfectly possible to produce excellent results with refillable Nespresso pods. But at the same time, it can be quicker, easier and more consistent to purchase premium specialty coffee capsules in the first place.

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