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Five Things You Need to Know About Blue Mountain Coffee

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has been one of the hottest commodities on the gourmet coffee scene for some time. Treasured for both its quality and its scarcity, it’s considered the ultimate coffee for connoisseurs who know what good java is all about.

But what’s interesting is even today, there’s a fair amount most people still don’t know about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Even those who consume Jamaican coffee on a regular basis might not be up to scratch with as much trivia as they think.

Purely for educational purposes, therefore, we thought we’d share a series of useful snippets about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Some of the following you may already know, others you might find interesting!

Let’s get started:

1) Not All Jamaican Coffee is the Same

First up, just because something is marketed as Jamaican coffee does not mean that it is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Jamaica puts out a whole bunch of different types of coffees – most of which are of comparatively good quality.  However, if it does not specifically state that it is Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee® (and is certified as such), then it isn’t. You could still be looking at a good cup, but not the real deal.

2) Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blends Can Be Disappointing

The vast majority of Blue Mountain coffee products available worldwide are blends. Oftentimes, you’ll find no more than around 10% Blue Mountain coffee in the mix, blended with whatever else the producer decided to throw in.  Unsurprisingly, the fragrance and flavor of the Blue Mountain coffee is subsequently drowned out in its entirety.  Doubly unfortunate, when you see just how overpriced these low-grade blends can be…and how deceptively many of them are marketed.

3) Origin and Exclusivity Aren’t Everything

Origin and exclusivity count for a lot with quality coffees, but certainly aren’t everything. With all types of Jamaican coffee, freshness makes a major contribution to the quality of the resulting cup. Even the best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a finite life, once it has been produced and even more so after it has been roasted. Unless you’re given a guarantee of freshness, you’d be better setting your sights on something else.

4) Cheap Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Doesn’t Exist

Coffee like this will never be cheap…period. If you come across a bargain bag of Blue Mountain coffee, something’s not right. It’s either past its prime, a low-grade blend or an imitation. There’s no such thing as low-cost Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and there never will be – it really is as simple as that!

5) Counterfeit Coffee is Surprisingly Common

Last up, the counterfeit coffee market is booming for one simple reason. In order to counterfeit Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, it’s as simple as printing misleading packaging or product labels. Precisely what quite a few underhanded producers are doing right now, passing off anything and everything as the real deal. Though as mentioned above, it’s easy to spot a fake from a mile away – quite often all you need to do is take a look at the price tag!

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