Arabica Coffee Vs. Robusta Coffee (and Other Gourmet Coffee Questions)

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Ask an extensive group of gourmet coffee fans which is better and chances are the overwhelming majority will tell you always arabica coffee. Likewise, a solid proportion of sellers and specialists instinctively prioritize arabica coffee over different types of coffee beans.

We’re technically no exception to the rule, given how all gourmet coffee variants we stock and sell are indeed arabica coffee.

Nevertheless, we figured the time had come to put this age-old debate to rest, while tackling another few key questions about gourmet coffee.

1) Is arabica coffee always better than robusta coffee?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer is no – it’s not.

First and foremost, enjoyment of coffee is all about personal preferences. Make no mistake about it, there are millions of people who enjoy robusta coffee just as much as arabica – some more so. In addition, the quality of the beans makes an enormous difference to the quality of the resulting cup.

Superior gourmet coffee made from premium robusta coffee beans is probably going to be better than low-grade mass-produced arabica coffee, irrespective of which you’d normally go for.

2) What matters more when brewing gourmet coffee – the machine, the beans or the barista?

In a nutshell, the answer is all three. Getting the most out of all different types of coffee beans without exception means ensuring all of the pieces are properly in place.

First of all, you need the very best gourmet coffee beans to begin with – otherwise the rest is inconsequential. You then need the best possible equipment to produce quality results, which for obvious reasons needs to be operated by somebody who knows how to use it properly.

This is where some (or most) home brewers go wrong, having disproportionately prioritized certain aspects of the process above others. It’s only when you focus equally on all three that you can and will produce seriously epic coffee at home.

3) Is gourmet coffee worth paying for?

The best way to look at exquisite gourmet coffee is in the same way you’d view a bottle of well-aged whisky or a fine wine. It’s not the kind of commodity you’d simply guzzle on a daily basis for the sake of it – it’s saved for special occasions and savored in every drop.

In which case, the answer is yes – gourmet coffee is worth paying for. Even in instances when it costs significantly more than a conventional coffee, it’s an indulgence to treat yourself to on occasion that’s worth every penny.

4) Is gourmet coffee in pods inferior to whole bean coffee?

Last but not least, the answer to this question depends entirely on the quality of the pods and where you buy them from. Purchased from a reputable and established roaster, gourmet coffee pods can be just as fresh and delicious as brewing with whole bean coffee.

Just be sure that if you do pick up coffee pods for your machine, you buy those that are fully recyclable and don’t pose a threat to the environment.

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