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Main Coffee Species: Arabica Vs. Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta


The two main coffee species are Arabica and Robusta, responsible for about 60% and 40% of all world coffee production, respectively.


Arabica trees are planted at an altitude of 900-2000 metres, mostly in the South and Central American regions, with Brazil being the number one producer. Arabica beans are green and have a longer, oval shape. They are mostly picked by hand, because they often grow on mountains and its intrinsic quality justifies a careful harvest. Due to its sought-after fruity and floral notes, Arabica commands a higher price than Robusta.


Robusta thrives at an altitude of 200-900 metres, in Central & West Africa, Southeast Asia, and in parts of South America. The main producing country is Vietnam. Robusta beans are brown and have a rounder shape. Their  caffeine content is roughly twice that of Arabica beans. Robusta’s best quality is its body, but its bitter, earthy flavour is less appreciated and for this reason is often mixed with Arabica and sold as an espresso blend.

Hayman offers only the very best and rarest Arabica coffee, such as the world-renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain.

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Source: Academia do Café ® 

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