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Coffee Gifts and Gift Baskets Beyond Actual Coffee

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Gifting something glorious to a coffee lover sounds easy on the surface. You simply bag yourself a batch of gourmet coffee beans, slap on a gift tag and you’re done.

But what if you have no clue whatsoever what type of coffee they are into? Or perhaps, what they already have a stockpile of and is therefore surplus to their requirements?

The answer – you opt for the coffee presents and coffee gift basket components that go beyond coffee itself.

Mercifully, coffee goes hand-in-hand with about a million other things. Or at least, a long list of coffee presents that are guaranteed to be well-received.

A few examples for those already panicking about the pickier people on their Christmas shopping lists:

1) Raw Green Coffee Beans

Technically a coffee product, admittedly, but something quite different.  Experimenting with roasting your own coffee beans is something most coffee lovers never get around to do. Or perhaps, brewing and enjoying green coffee in its raw form – a product packed with health benefits. Set them up with a bag of green coffee beans and it will keep them content for some time.

2) A Coffee-Themed Recipe Book

By this, we’re not talking about a book about how to make barista-quality cappuccinos or cocktails. Instead, we’re talking the art of cooking and baking with coffee. Increasingly, gourmet coffee is finding its way into a wide range of creative and inspiring coffee cake recipes. A good recipe book packed with various classics and contemporary interpretations can be just the thing to get those creative juices flowing. 

3) Brewing Gadgets

For those who cannot get enough of the latest gadgets, there really is no shortage of options to choose from. Portable coffee making gear in particular has found its way into the spotlight as of late. Far from quaint novelties with little practical value, they really can make it possible to enjoy exquisite coffee anywhere and at any time. Hence, always well-received by coffee connoisseurs.

4) Coffee-Based Edibles

If coffee is their thing, you can more or less guarantee they will get a kick out of high-quality edibles. Pretty much anything that comes loaded with gourmet coffee is likely to hit home in the right way. Or for that matter, anything that they can enjoy alongside their favorite coffee. Biscuits, chocolates – it really is quite difficult to go wrong.

5) Coffee Gift Baskets

If in doubt, you could always throw a bunch of smaller items together to create your own custom coffee gift basket. Lacking inspiration? No problem – pick up a pre-made coffee gift basket and embellish it with your own greetings and adornments. 

6) eGift Cards

Last but not least, eGift cards are just the thing when you simply cannot come up with any concrete idea. Not to mention, if looking to pick up a gift for someone who has…well, let’s call them ‘discerning’ tastes. With an eGift card, you provide the recipient with the opportunity to choose their own perfect coffee presents. They can be purchased instantaneously and can be printed or delivered by email, WhatsApp, etc, so they’re also great for those with a tendency to leave things until the last minute!

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