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Why Green Coffee Beans Could be the Ultimate Coffee Gift

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Giving great gifts at Christmas (or any other time of year) is all about creativity and inspiration. Not to mention, giving something the recipient will get some genuine use out of.

Novelties are all well and good, but practical presents of relevance to your interests are always better.

Enter into the conversation perhaps the ultimate coffee present – green coffee beans. The perfect addition to any coffee gift basket, raw coffee beans offer more than meets the eye.

Last year, we noted a significant spike in the number of eGift cards being redeemed against green coffee beans. Not that this is surprising, as the popularity of unroasted coffee beans in general has skyrocketed as of late.

But what is it that makes green coffee one of the nicest coffee presents? If torn between an eGift card and a bag of coffee beans, why give the gift of raw coffee beans this year?

The way we see it, there are five things that make green coffee one of the best coffee gifts:

1) Green coffee is packed with health benefits

Slowly but surely, the immense health benefits of green coffee are coming to light. From improved digestive health to a huge dose of antioxidants to one serious energy boost, it really is in a league of its own. Not that regular coffee is bad for you, but everything standard coffee offers is intensified in green coffee. What better gift to give someone than the gift of good health?

2) It is also downright delicious

Of course, there’s also the uniquely enchanting fragrance and flavor of green coffee. The brewing process is somewhat different to that of regular coffee, but no more difficult. After which, the resulting product is something that doesn’t look, smell or taste like anything you’ve experienced to date.

3) Roasting raw coffee beans is an absolute joy

Much of the joy of playing around with raw coffee beans lies in roasting them yourself. Doing so not only ensures the freshest cup of coffee possible, but also fills the entire home with the most intoxicating aroma imaginable. Roast your own coffee beans once and there really is no going back – it’s addictive.

4) It paves the way for experimentation

Plus, roasting your own raw coffee beans also paves the way for experimentation in the kitchen. You can try your hand with different roast levels, different combinations of beans and so much more besides. Not to mention, splash out on a mini coffee roaster if the mood takes you – a must for home roasting!

5) It’s something they (probably) don’t already have

Last but not least, shopping for the ultimate coffee fanatic can be tricky, as you’ve no idea what they already have. Though in most instances, you can bet your bottom dollar they don’t have a bag of premium-grade raw coffee beans in their pantry. Another reason why green coffee beans make the perfect addition to the most original coffee gift baskets for Christmas.

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