Why Coffee is the Gift that Keeps on Giving | Coffee Gifts & Coffee Gift Baskets

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You really don’t need any excuse whatsoever to hand creative coffee gifts to the coffee lover in your life. From DIY coffee gift baskets to gourmet coffee presents sourced from all over the world, it really is a great time to have a taste for all-things coffee!

Still, we can’t help but feel as if one by-product of the coffee making process almost always goes under-appreciated. The by-product in question being excess coffee. You brew, you pour and you end up with the kind of surplus that goes straight down the drain.

Unfortunate, given that leftover coffee really is one of the most useful and versatile coffee gifts of all. So next time you find yourself dealing with leftovers, consider one of the following alternatives to simply allowing it to go to waste:

1) Cook or Bake with it

First up, why not use your leftover coffee as a substitute for water, next time you bake something? Keep your leftover coffee in the fridge where it’ll be fine for a couple of days, using it to add a gorgeous hit of flavour to your next batch of brownies, cupcakes or anything else you have in mind. Simply throwing it in with the usual mixture really can make an incredible difference.

2) Make Coffee Ice Cubes

If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee or smoothies, you’ll absolutely love the rich and decadent flavour of coffee ice cubes. As you can probably figure out, it’s simply a case of pouring the leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and giving it as much time as necessary to freeze. After which, you can store the coffee ice cubes indefinitely and whip them out as and when needed. They’re also great if you’re partial to a White Russian, or any other coffee-based cocktail.

3) Water Your Plants

Always remember that it isn’t only us human beings who enjoy a good shot of coffee. There’s a ton of nutritional goodness in coffee that’s also enormously beneficial for certain types of plants. If you have some leftover coffee, simply water it down and use it to feed your orchids or azaleas. Treat them to a toast of the black stuff once every week or so and it could do them a world of good.

4) Coffee Artwork

If you’ve got kids around the place, why not encourage them to get crafty with your leftover coffee? Coffee art is nothing new – just check it out for yourself on Instagram and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. All you’ll need is a couple of brushes and some watercolour paper, in order to give your kids (or anyone else you fancy) the most original of coffee gifts, which inspires creativity.

5) Make a Milkshake

Last but not least, combine your leftover coffee with a measure of milk and the syrup of your choosing and you have yourself a decadent milkshake that’ll keep just fine in the fridge for at least 24 hours. And let’s be honest, it’s not as if you’ll manage to go a full day without devouring the whole thing in one delicious gulp!

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