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Coffee Gifts: Giving the Gift of Green Coffee Beans

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Right now, there really is no shortage of coffee gifts available to choose from.  Irrespective of how discerning and selective the recipient may be, coffee presents are available in all different shapes and sizes. As are coffee gift baskets and egift cards, which can be customized and personalized in a variety of ways.

But how about giving the gift of the green coffee beans?

On the surface, unroasted coffee beans may not seem like the most appropriate of coffee gifts. They’re not what you’d call a conventional coffee present, nor are they widely available in standard stores. Nevertheless, the scarcity of green coffee beans (i.e. raw coffee beans or unroasted coffee beans) alone is actually one of their main points of appeal.

Not to mention, the fact that they have the potential to be advantageous over regular coffee in a variety of ways.

So, if looking to do something a little different with your coffee presents this year, here are just a few reasons why green coffee beans can make for surprisingly appropriate and thoughtful coffee gifts:

1) Green coffee beans aid efficient digestion

One of the many health benefits associated with the consumption of raw coffee beans is improved digestive efficiency. Research has suggested that raw coffee beans can improve metabolic efficiency in the body, increasing fat burning capacity and making it easier to stay in shape.

2) Green coffee beans have an elevated antioxidant content

Coffee gifts that promote good health are always welcome - unroasted coffee beans having a much higher antioxidant content than many conventional coffees. The potential benefits of antioxidants are well documented - something most of us could do with more of in our daily lives.

3) Green coffee beans support the immune system

By assisting the body’s natural detoxification processes, there’s also evidence to suggest that unroasted coffee beans could play a direct role in supporting the immune system. For obvious reasons, anything anyone can do to strengthen their body’s natural defenses (even slightly) is probably something they should be doing.

4) Green coffee beans provide a huge energy boost

Prior to being roasted, processed and packed, raw coffee beans often have a much higher caffeine content than their conventional counterparts. For those who consume coffee primarily (or exclusively) for that all-important caffeine kick, nothing kicks quite like a quality cup of green coffee. Or for that matter, anything else you decide to turn your green coffee beans into.

5) Green coffee is a whole different experience

Last but not least, brewing beverages and coming up with all manner of creations using green coffee beans is an entirely different experience. They have a fragrance and flavor unlike anything you can compare them to directly, which is where much of the enjoyment lies. If variety really is the spice of life, why not spice things up with a creative coffee gift that incorporates green coffee beans?

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