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Brewing Green Coffee Beans at Home: Step by Step Guide

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If you’re yet to experiment with a batch of unroasted coffee beans at home, you’re missing out on a treat. Green coffee beans - aka raw coffee beans - are an entirely different product to conventional beans, with their own unique properties and points of appeal.

Along with great taste, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that unroasted coffee beans may bring even more health benefits to the table than their roasted counterparts.

The good news being that with raw coffee beans, you don’t need any specialist equipment or OTT skills to get the job done. As is usually the case, you simply need the appropriate quantities of hot water and green coffee beans. As a general rule of thumb, stick with around 20g of raw coffee for every 300 millilitres of water and you’ll find it hard to go wrong.

Adding a dose of honey or sugar is also popular, bringing a little sweetness and additional smoothness to the green coffee you brew.

Unroasted Coffee Beans: Grinding and Brewing

Brewing green coffee using ground unroasted coffee beans isn’t difficult, but will certainly put your grinder to the test. This is because raw coffee beans are much harder than their roasted counterparts, so you’ll need a good grinder to get the job done.

You’ll want to create coffee grounds that are a similar size and consistency to sand, before adding them to water at around 90° C. Green coffee also takes slightly longer to steep, so you’ll need to give your raw coffee grounds around 10 minutes or so to brew. After which, it’s simply a case of straining the mixture using an appropriate sieve or filter, before serving it with your chosen accompaniments.

Brewing with Whole Green Coffee Beans

There’s also the option of brewing with whole raw coffee beans, without having to grind them down. Using the same ratio of water to coffee, add your beans to the water in a suitable container and allow them to soak overnight.

After around 12 to 18 hours, put in a pan, bring it to the boil over a moderate heat and simmer for around 15 minutes. Give the resulting mixture a good hour or so to cool, before straining it through a sieve and storing the cooled coffee in a suitable container.

This may be a somewhat more labour-intensive process, but nonetheless results in the production of a stronger green coffee beans ‘concentrate’ that can be used as the base for any number of coffee concoctions.

As is the case with all types of coffee, much of the enjoyment of unroasted coffee beans lies in experimentation. It’s up to you to decide on your perfect strength level, which accompaniments to try out and so on. Giving cold brew green coffee a try also comes highly recommended - the preferred option of the two being to brew using whole green coffee beans.

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