How to Make Green Coffee from Raw Coffee Beans | Green Coffee Beans

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If you plan on using unroasted coffee beans to make your own green coffee at home, there are basically two ways of going about it. In any case, the hype surrounding the potential health benefits of green coffee beans means it’s something you should definitely consider!

In any case, there are a few important tips to follow before getting started.  Firstly, only ever buy the very best raw coffee beans you can lay your hands on from a specialist supplier. Secondly, if you have any tolerance issues or allergies, it’s worth asking your doctor before using green coffee beans or related extracts for health purposes.

Other than this, all you’re going to need to brew your own green coffee at home is approximately 20g of raw coffee beans, 300 millilitres of water and any additional sugar or honey as you prefer.

Using Grounds of Unroasted Coffee Beans

If using grounds, the brewing process looks a little like this:

  • Ensure you grind your beans in accordance with the method of extraction you intend to use. For the purpose of this particular method, you should be looking at a medium-fine grind, with the grounds coming out about the same consistency as sand.
  • As unroasted coffee beans tend to be extremely hard, you’ll need to ensure you have a suitably durable and capable coffee grinder.
  • Divide the resulting green coffee grounds between two cups, heat the water to around 90° C and pour equal amounts into each of the cups.
  • Give the mixture approximately 10 minutes to steep, before straining the resulting mixture through a fine sieve.
  • If preferred, feel free to add honey or sugar to taste afterwards.

Using Whole Green Coffee Beans

If you cannot (or would prefer not to) use ground green coffee beans, you can still brew a great cup using whole raw coffee beans as follows:

  • As this particular method takes considerably more time and effort, you might want to prepare plenty of green coffee in advance.
  • Your green coffee beans need to be soaked in water overnight, using the same proportions/ratio as mentioned previously.
  • The next day, bring the mixture to the boil over a high heat, before allowing it to simmer gently for approximately 15 minutes. Stir occasionally while simmering.
  • Give the mixture plenty of time to fully cool, before removing the green coffee beans from the mixture by straining it through a sieve.
  • The resulting green coffee you will be left with should be relatively strong, making it great for dilution and using as a base for other drinks.
  • Any of the green coffee you don’t consume right away can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.

Of course, there’s plenty of scope for experimentation when it comes to strength, the types of unroasted coffee beans you use and your preferred consumption method. Some swear by enjoying a cup of green coffee after each meal, others prefer theirs first thing in the morning.

In any case, along with an extensive list of potential health benefits, green coffee is also simply delicious.

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