5 Reasons to Roast Green Coffee Beans at Home | Raw Coffee Beans

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As it’s never been easier to buy premium-quality coffee beans and coffee grounds alike, is there any reason to bother with the unroasted coffee beans?  If there’s a willing party to take care of the roasting process on your behalf, what’s the benefit of buying green coffee beans and handling the roasting yourself?

The answer… well, as usual it comes largely down to personal perspectives. On one hand, you could argue that buying raw coffee beans and roasting them yourself means unnecessarily giving yourself more work to do. However, when you consider the benefits of roasting raw coffee beans at home, you may be inclined to come around to our way of thinking.

As professional coffee roasters, we can think of at least five reasons why you might want to try and roast your own green coffee beans at home:

1) Fresher Coffee

First and foremost, it’s worth remembering that coffee beans begin losing their freshness and quality the moment they are roasted. As such, to roast your own green coffee beans in small batches as and when you need them is to enjoy the freshest coffee on the face of the earth. Keep the rest of your unroasted coffee beans to one side for a later occasion and never punish yourself with an imperfect cup of coffee again!

2) It’s Not Too Difficult

Another reason to give things a go with unroasted coffee beans is the fact that it is not very difficult. You’d be forgiven for thinking that roasting raw coffee beans reasonably well would be a huge challenge, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to roast raw coffee beans well using a small and not too expensive home coffee roaster. There are countless ways of going about the job – all of which can produce surprisingly impressive results!

3) The Incredible Aromas

We don’t need to tell you that the aroma of fresh coffee really is as good as it gets. Nevertheless, if you’ve never roasted your own green coffee beans, you’ve really no idea just how intoxicating the aroma can be. Unroasted coffee beans when exposed to heat release the kinds of aromas you’ll wish you could bottle and carry with you for the rest of your life!

4) Room for Experimentation

It’s also worth remembering that roasting your own green coffee beans means being able to experiment with different roast levels. Test things out with as many different dark, medium and light roasts as you like, until you find the perfect roast to suit your preferences.

5) It’s So Satisfying

Last but not least, along with producing simply spectacular coffee and mind-blowing aromas, there’s much to be said for the simple satisfaction that accompanies home roasting. Being able to sit back with an amazing cup of coffee and know that you played a huge part in its creation really is an experience to savour. What’s more, try it once and we guarantee you’ll be roasting on a regular basis from then on!

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