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Green Coffee Beans: Six Surprising Health Benefits


unroasted coffee beans, raw coffee beans, green coffee beansAs you probably know by now, the benefits of coffee aren’t limited exclusively to its fabulous flavour and that quintessential burst of energy. Extensive scientific studies have also drawn direct links between regular coffee consumption and a wide variety of health benefits.

But what you might not know is that unroasted coffee beans - aka green coffee beans or raw coffee beans - could be even better for you than conventional coffee beans. Or at least, have the same capacity to do your health and wellbeing any number of favours.

In terms of what makes unroasted coffee beans so special, it’s apparently the way in which more of their natural goodness is preserved by not putting them through the roasting process. Green coffee beans are considered something of an acquired taste and are not necessarily the first choice in flavour-stakes for some coffee lovers.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the extensive (and surprising) health benefits of unroasted coffee beans, you can understand why millions are checking them out for themselves.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief look at six apparent health benefits of green coffee beans, backed by extensive scientific research:

1) Raw coffee beans can boost the metabolism

There’s evidence to suggest that regular coffee can accelerate the metabolism, thanks to its caffeine content. With green coffee beans, it’s a case of the chlorogenic acid in the beans further intensifying the effect. It’s therefore theorised that consuming green coffee beans on a regular basis could help with weight loss or weight control.

2) Green coffee beans could keep your appetite under control

Along the same lines, research also suggests that raw coffee beans can be a mild yet effective appetite suppressant. The idea being that rather than reaching for an unhealthy snack, you simply enjoy a cup of green coffee and kiss goodbye to your cravings.

3) Unroasted coffee beans have a high antioxidant content

It’s become apparent over recent years that antioxidants are beneficial for just about every part of the body from head to toe. Unroasted coffee beans in their raw form often have a much higher antioxidant content than their roasted counterparts.

4) Green coffee can be good for a detox

Along with boosting the metabolism, green coffee beans have also been linked with the acceleration of the body’s wider detoxification processes. This means if there’s anything unhealthy and unnecessary the body needs to get rid of, it could very well get rid of it faster with regular intake of green coffee.

5) Unroasted coffee provides an energy boost

Last but not least, the lighter the roasting when preparing coffee beans, the more caffeine is present in the resulting product. Hence, when brewing coffee with unroasted coffee beans, pretty much all of the caffeine naturally present in the beans is preserved. This means that a cup of green coffee may have more caffeine than a comparable conventional cup, which can be useful at various times of the day for a much-needed energy boost.

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