Reasons Roasting Green Coffee Beans at Home is Fantastic

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There are two ways of arming yourself with the freshest and most delicious coffee beans at home:

  1. You can buy them from a gourmet coffee specialist, who will roast them to order and send them straight to your doorstep.
  2. You can buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself with a home coffee roaster, or your oven

For most people, it’s a simple decision - you go with the easy option and have your raw coffee beans roasted by the retailer. You may even question the appeal of buying green coffee beans and roasting them yourself, when you really don’t have to.

Understandable, but there are nonetheless several reasons why roasting raw coffee beans at home using an outstanding piece of equipment like the IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster really is fantastic:

1) Unroasted coffee beans are often cheaper

First up, unroasted coffee beans can be packaged and shipped by retailers with next to no effort required on their part. By contrast, roasting raw coffee beans to perfection is a more precise and time-consuming process. Hence, unroasted coffee beans are often available at a lower price - particularly when purchased in bulk.

2) Green coffee beans have a long shelf life

Properly stored raw coffee beans have a shelf life of up to one year. Whereas roasted coffee beans ideally need to be used within a few weeks to enjoy them at their best, you can roast and brew with your green coffee beans on a much more gradual basis as you like.

3) The fragrance is simply intoxicating

Much of the enjoyment of becoming a DIY coffee roaster lies in the intoxicating fragrance that fills the entire home. The fragrance of fresh coffee is one thing - the aroma of coffee beans roasting away in the kitchen is something else entirely. It’s by far the most exquisite DIY organic air freshener you will ever bring into your home and one you’ll never tire of.

4) The flavor is out of this world

Unsurprisingly, the same can also be said for the flavor of fresh roasted coffee. When you roast your own green coffee beans, you have the opportunity to grind them and use them shortly after roasting them. This means grinding at a time when all the aromatic oils and compounds in every single bean are at their most potent and prolific. The result of which is a punch of flavor you have to experience to appreciate.

5) The satisfaction is beyond compare

Lastly, there’s just something about the ceremony of preparing your own coffee from scratch that’s immensely satisfying. The sound of the beans cracking, the fragrance of coffee filling the air, the crunch of the grinding process and so on - it all adds further enjoyment to the experience. As does the ability to experiment with different roasting times, temperatures and raw coffee beans, taking notes as you go to come up with your perfect recipe.

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