What’s the Difference Between Green Coffee Beans and Roasted Coffee Beans?

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You’ve probably been wondering for some time now how raw coffee beans differ from roasted coffee beans. More specifically, you may be interested in the potential health benefits of green coffee beans, and the resulting ‘green’ coffee they can be used to brew.

For the most part, the difference between unroasted coffee beans and roasted coffee beans lies in one important thing. Aside from the alteration of the flavor and fragrance of raw coffee beans during the roasting process, roasting coffee also kills much of the chlorogenic acid.

Something which, without getting too scientific, most people could do with a little more of in their everyday diets.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid levels tend to be exponentially higher in green coffee beans than they are in their roasted counterparts. The reason this is important is because over the course of several studies, elevated levels of chlorogenic acid have been found to have a variety of potentially beneficial effects when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

For example, one study carried out over the course of 12 weeks found that those who drank green coffee with an elevated chlorogenic acid were more likely to lose weight than those who drank regular roasted coffee. Two separate studies also produced evidence to suggest that products brewed with unroasted coffee beans could prove helpful in maintaining a healthy BMI.

Appetite Reduction

Though admittedly carried out using chewing gum loaded with green coffee extract (as opposed to actual coffee), a study of around 60 people linked the intake of green coffee with a marked reduction in appetite. Something that could contribute towards safe and effective weight loss.

Blood Pressure Reduction

A larger study that took place up to six weeks and incorporated over 200 individuals found that where chlorogenic acid levels were higher in coffee, those consuming it benefited from a notable reduction in blood pressure.

Lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

There’s even evidence to suggest that when chlorogenic acid is consumed alongside other beneficial compounds, it can lead to a reduction in total cholesterol levels and help balance blood sugar levels. Again, when consumed regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Dry Skin Reduction

Last but not least, several studies have produced evidence suggesting that making the switch to unroasted coffee beans could work wonders for those who struggle with dry skin. Not to such an extent as to eliminate the requirement for topical products and treatments, but a marked improvement, nonetheless.

Enjoying Green Coffee Beans At Home…

Along with the above benefits, much of the appeal of experimenting with raw coffee beans lies in the simple enjoyment of the resulting brew. If you’re still to dive into the whole green coffee beans craze, check out what’s on offer at Hayman Coffee and place your order for prompt delivery.

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