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Are Green Coffee Beans Really Good for Your Health?

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Scientific research into the potential benefits of unroasted coffee beans is still at a relatively rudimentary stage. This is due to the fact that green coffee beans have not traditionally been the preferred choice for the vast majority of consumers.

Nevertheless, interest in raw coffee beans is growing rapidly worldwide, as studies link the consumption of green coffee with a surprisingly long list of health benefits. Most of which are also associated with regular coffee, though may be provided by green coffee beans with even more ‘punch’.

This is due to the fact that the beneficial compounds in unroasted coffee beans are more potent and abundant than in beans that have been through the roasting process. In which case, all health benefits of regular coffee could be intensified with raw coffee beans.

In terms of specific health benefits, several studies have drawn interesting links between the consumption of green coffee and the following effects on health and wellbeing:

1) Improved digestive health

Metabolic acceleration and improved digestive health in general have been associated with the consumption of both caffeine and chlorogenic acid.  Both of which are more prolific in green coffee beans than in beans that have been roasted.

2) Elevated antioxidant levels

The same can also be said for the antioxidant content of raw coffee beans, which in their unprocessed form contain far higher levels of antioxidants. This has become one of the primary points of appeal for those who now regularly consume green coffee, due to the broad and diverse health benefits associated with antioxidants.

3) Weight loss and weight control

This particular claim is open to interpretation, but there’s growing evidence to suggest that drinking coffee (green or regular) can assist with weight loss and weight control. Unroasted coffee beans in particular are theorized to be an organic appetite suppressant, making it easier to make sensible dietary decisions while benefiting from improved metabolic health.

4) A serious kick of caffeine

For many, drinking coffee is all about that characteristic energy-kick that accompanies caffeine intake. In which case, green coffee beans with their elevated caffeine content are often in a league of their own. Going OTT with caffeine consumption is inadvisable, but there really is nothing like the kick that comes with a quality cup of green coffee!

5) General health benefits

Lastly, numerous studies conducted over the past few years have linked regular coffee consumption with a long list of general health benefits. Research suggests that by drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day, you may be statistically less likely to develop certain diseases and conditions. If this is the case, the same most certainly applies to green coffee beans, which unlike their roasted counterparts have all their beneficial compounds intact.

In Summary…

Whether unroasted coffee beans turn out to be the ‘elixir of life’ some have dubbed them to be remains to be seen. But with each study carried out, there’s growing evidence to suggest that green coffee beans could be great for your health and wellbeing.

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