Five Things you Need to Know About Green Coffee Beans

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Unroasted coffee beans have been skyrocketing in popularity for several years now. Famed for their unique flavor and their associations with a long list of potential health benefits, more people are testing the waters with green coffee beans than ever before.

Still, millions are (understandably) on the fence about raw coffee beans in general. As with most things, it’s not until you take the plunge personally that you realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Whether unconvinced about the whole raw coffee movement or simply needing a gentle nudge in the right direction, here are five things you need to know about unroasted coffee beans:

1) Origins and Species Matter

First and foremost, origins and species matter just as much with green coffee beans as with the regular variety. Depending on the country and climate the beans come from (and the quality of the cultivation process), you could be in for a major difference in quality and enjoyment from one pack to the next.  Irrespective of whether you plan on roasting your raw coffee beans with your own coffee roaster or enjoying them in their raw form, being mindful of origins, species and quality is essential.

2) Green Coffee Beans Could Be Even Healthier

Formal conclusions are yet to be reached, but there’s growing evidence to suggest that raw coffee beans could be even healthier than their roasted counterparts. This is due to the fact that the beneficial compounds in coffee beans are more potent and abundant before the beans are put through the roasting process. Logically, therefore, green coffee beans should pack an even more beneficial punch than roasted coffee beans.

3) Green Coffee Beans Have a Long Shelf Life

Buying in bulk to save money is definitely an option when picking up raw coffee beans. This is due to the fact that when stored properly, unroasted coffee beans have a shelf life of up to one year. By contrast, roasted coffee beans ideally need to be used within one week of being roasted to enjoy them at their freshest. If you can pick up a batch of unroasted coffee beans in bulk at a decent price, go for it!

4) Raw Coffee Beans Are Often Cheaper

When a gourmet coffee retailer sells conventional beans, they are carefully selected, roasted, packaged and prepared to order. With green coffee beans, no roasting or preparation is involved, so the process is much quicker and easier.  Consequently, you will often find green coffee beans up for grabs at a lower price than standard coffee beans.

5) There’s a World of Wonderful Recipes to Explore

Last up, to whip up a batch of green coffee concentrate (which is surprisingly easy) is to open the door to a whole world of enjoyable experimentation. Both in terms of beverages and culinary creations alike, green coffee can be used as the basis of hundreds of amazing recipes. All with the added bonus of the potential health benefits of raw coffee beans, for the added feel good factor!

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