The Benefits of Fresh Roasted Coffee: Why Fresh Ground Coffee is Always Better

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One way or another, you have to grind your coffee beans before brewing them. There are laborious and time-consuming methods for brewing coffee from whole beans, but few (understandably) choose to do so.

If looking to brew the best possible coffee at home, fresh roasted coffee is the way to go. This means sourcing whole bean coffee from an experienced roaster, who can guarantee that the beans you receive will have been roasted as close as possible to the time they were shipped. If buying fresh ground coffee, the same applies - the beans should be roasted and ground right before being posted to your address.

But why is it that fresh ground coffee is the best ground coffee you can brew with? What happens when fresh roasted coffee isn’t ground and brewed in its prime? And more importantly, does it really matter?

Slow But Steady Deterioration

Freshness matters for the simple reason that all the beneficial compounds and aromatic oils in coffee beans begin to deteriorate as soon as they are processed. This applies to the roasting and grinding processes - both of which massively accelerate the deterioration process.

Fresh coffee beans that were roasted no longer than 14 days prior always produce superior results. Likewise, fresh ground coffee that’s ground immediately prior to being brewed is the best ground coffee there is.

As for why any of this makes a difference, it’s a case of the following being affected by the freshness of the coffee you brew:

  • Flavor Intensiveness. There’s a noticeable difference in the intensiveness of the flavor of fresh coffee. Compare two cups of coffee - one fresh and one far from it - and you don’t have to be a seasoned connoisseur to immediately pick up on the difference.
  • Richness of Aroma. The same can also be said for the fragrance of the resulting cup, which is in an entirely different league when brewing with the freshest coffee available. Fresh coffee has a fragrance that’s genuinely intoxicating - stale coffee has a far less inviting aroma.
  • Maximum Health Benefits. The antioxidant content of coffee has been linked with a wide variety of potential health benefits. However, antioxidant content deteriorates quickly and continuously when coffee beans are roasted and processed into coffee grounds.

Three reasons to stick with fresh roasted coffee and fresh ground coffee, ensuring the beans are processed as close to the time of brewing as possible.

Why Not Roast Your Own?

If freshness is your priority when brewing coffee at home, you could always consider buying and roasting your green coffee beans. Raw coffee beans have a significantly longer shelf life than roasted and/or ground coffee, so you can buy in bulk to save money and roast the beans with your own coffee roaster as required.

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