Four Reasons to Grind Your Own Beans

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These days, picking up seriously high-quality fresh ground coffee isn’t much of a challenge. As the third wave coffee movement hits its stride, shelves lining stores all over the UK are packed with some of the best ground coffee ever produced.  Hence, you may find yourself questioning whether it’s worth bothering picking up fresh roasted coffee beans at all.

After all – why do the hard work if someone’s already done it for you?

Truth is, personal preference will always play a part. For some, buying fresh ground coffee always has been and always will be the way to go.  For others, fresh roasted coffee beans really are the be all and end all. To say that one is ‘better’ than the other therefore is to somewhat miss the point.

Nevertheless, there’s much to be said for the GYOB approach. Aka, grinding your own beans at home. The best ground coffee on the market is impressive to say the least, but there are still a handful advantages that come with DIY grinding.

So for those who usually let the manufacturer take care of the process, here are four good reasons to consider grinding your own fresh coffee beans at home:

1) You can control the coarseness

Right off the bat, grinding at home means being able to grind your beans to the ideal coarseness, in accordance with your preferred brewing method. Depending on the equipment you use to brew your favourite coffee, you could benefit from significantly courser or finer grounds. When you buy ground coffee – even the best ground coffee on the market – you simply get what you’re given.

2) Grind as you go

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you grind your own fresh coffee beans, you can grind them just before you plan to use them. One of the biggest issues with ground coffee in general is the way in which coffee beans begin losing their quality and general glory the moment they are ground. They’ll still be delicious by the time you use them, but grounds produced days (or weeks) ago just aren’t the same. When you grind your own, you can grind them gradually – as and when you need them.

3) More beans to try out

There are a lot of independent and artisan coffee producers worldwide that exclusively produce whole bean coffee. With these types of producers, ground coffee simply isn’t an option. This is why switching to fresh roasted coffee beans can open the door to a whole world of discovery and experimentation. If you get a kick out of trying new coffees, grinding your own beans really is the way to go.

4) It’s incredibly therapeutic

Last but not least, there’s something about grinding your own beans that adds to the ceremony and enjoyment of the whole thing. Whether you opt for a manual grinder or the latest electronic gadget, it can be surprisingly therapeutic. And it’s not as if it takes a great deal of time or effort, either.

So even if you do subsequently switch back to the store-bought ground coffee approach, it’s well worth trying your hand at the GYOB method.

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