Why Home-Ground Coffee is the Best Ground Coffee?

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Some would argue that as it’s perfectly possible to buy fresh ground coffee, there’s really no point buying beans. After all, why bother with fresh roasted coffee beans when you can just as easily pick up the best ground coffee money can buy?

As usual, the answer is somewhat subjective. On one hand, you could quite rightly argue that buying fresh ground coffee is far more convenient than grinding fresh coffee beans yourself. What’s more, pick up the best ground coffee on the market and the quality could be right up there with the best fresh roasted coffee beans.

But at the same time, there are a few arguments as to why buying fresh coffee beans and making your own fresh ground coffee at home is the best way to go.  Even though it may take a little more time and effort, the best ground coffee really is the ground coffee you grind yourself!

Here’s why:

1) The Perfect Ground Coffee Coarseness

First of all, making fresh ground coffee at home means having the freedom to take full control over the coarseness. When you buy a bag of even the best ground coffee, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever coarseness the manufacturer decided to go with. The problem being that not every coarseness is suitable for every coffee brewing method. Stick with fresh roasted coffee beans and you can grind them to any consistency you like.

2) Grind it as You Need it

Not only this, but it’s a well-known fact that coffee beans begin to lose their freshness the moment they’re roasted, hemorrhaging quality after being ground. Hence, the sooner you brew your coffee after the beans are ground, the better. As such, one of the benefits grinding your own has over buying fresh ground coffee is the way in which you can grind it as you need it. A method which leaves the rest of your fresh roasted coffee beans intact and ready to use at a later time.

3) Endless Scope for Experimentation

It’s also worth remembering that not every artisan and exclusive coffee on the market is available in the form of fresh ground coffee. In a lot of instances, farmers and manufacturers release certain products exclusively in whole bean form. This in turn means that the only way of enjoying certain coffees may be to purchase them as whole bean and grind them yourself. Not that this is a problem – grinding your own fresh roasted coffee beans really is the best way of enjoying an outstanding cup!

4) Grinding Fresh Coffee Is Deeply Satisfying!

Last but not least, there’s simply no denying how the grinding process itself can be a deeply satisfying experience. Fresh ground coffee certainly has its points of appeal, but the ceremony of grinding coffee beans and releasing all those intoxicating aromas really is an experience to savour. Just ensure you work exclusively with a quality grinder – one that doesn’t just obliterate your beans into useless dust!

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