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Roasted when Ordered

Contrary to what happens with certain wines, coffee progressively loses its aroma and flavour over time, namely through the action of oxygen, moisture and light. Even if the best coffee beans are properly protected, the quality of coffee declines with the passage of time, it loses its freshness. On the contrary, fresh roasted coffee beans burst with fabulous aroma and flavour notes. 

Unfortunately, most of the coffee sold today is roasted months before the day it is effectively consumed. At Hayman, quality always takes priority and this is why all our coffee is roasted to order. This is a very rare approach in the coffee industry.

It is not enough to offer the best coffee beans. By roasting the coffee only when we receive your order, and by shipping it to you just hours afterwards, we protect the freshness of the exceptional product we worked so hard to bring to you.

We ship Monday to Friday and take no longer than one business day to process your order. If you order on Monday, your order will ship out on Monday or on Tuesday, in order to guarantee that you get not only the best coffee money can buy, but also the freshest one.

This means that each order is prepared specifically with each individual customer in mind. Hayman does not aim to become a mass market company. We focus on serving a highly demanding niche market, who focus on quality above all else and on experiencing the finest pleasures in life, and top quality coffee is certainly one of them to millions of coffee lovers.  

Once you taste it, you will realize right away what a huge difference fresh roasted coffee beans make!

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