Six Coffee Gifts That Are Guaranteed Hits

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An unstoppable wave of connoisseur coffee culture is sweeping the world like never before. As is demand for bigger and better coffee gifts - the kinds of coffee presents that appeal to the more discerning recipient.

But what kinds of coffee gifts are guaranteed hits for any occasion? As we gravitate ever closer to Christmas 2019, which coffee presents should you set your sights on this year for your nearest and dearest?

It’s hard to go wrong with the best coffee gifts and coffee gift baskets doing the rounds right now. But hand over one of the following on Christmas morning (or anytime) and it’s guaranteed to go down a storm:

1) Gourmet beans from around the world

First up, some of the best coffee gift baskets on the market right now are loaded with prestigious and sought-after coffee beans from all over the world.  It’s as easy as placing your order online and choosing a coffee gift basket with exclusive contents not available in typical stores and supermarkets. Give the coffee lover in your life a delicious tasting experience they’ll never forget.

2) A portable coffee cup

Now more than ever, conscientious coffee connoisseurs are distancing themselves from single-use cups and containers where possible. There are also plenty of major and independent coffee shops alike where discounts and other incentives are offered for customers who bring their own cups. With this coffee gifts, you’re not only treating the recipient to something thoughtful, you’re also doing your bit for the environment!

3) Coffee clothing and accessories

There’s an increasingly diverse and innovative catalogue of coffee-related clothing and accessories out there - the perfect winter warmer. It’s also perfectly possible to customise all types of clothing and accessories, in order to come up with truly unique coffee presents. Go for something funny, something heartfelt or something completely different - the opportunities really are endless.

4) The gift of cold brew

It’s surprising how few coffee lovers have so far made the switch to (or at least tried out) DIY cold brew coffee at home. Not only is cold brew coffee absolutely delicious, it’s also remarkably easy to make. Plus, there is an extensive range of creative and practical cold brew coffee presents to choose from - ideal for those in need of a little gentle encouragement.

5) Customised coffee gift baskets

If you’d like to put together a true one-of-a-kind coffee gifts, you could always assemble your own customised coffee gift baskets from scratch. There’s certainly no shortage of potential coffee presents - gourmet coffee beans, coffee grinders, brewing paraphernalia and so on.

6) Premium pods

Last but not least, there’s a good chance that the coffee-lover in your life owns a coffee pod machine. In which case, why not treat them to a selection of exclusive gourmet coffee pods, sourced from the world’s finest independent farms and producers? These are the kinds of simple yet effective coffee gift baskets you absolutely cannot go wrong with. Not to mention, a surprisingly affordable way of giving a thoughtful gift they’ll be absolutely delighted to receive!

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