Why Cold Brew Coffee Really Is Such a Big Deal?

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Irrespective of whether you have been swept away by the whole third wave coffee movement, you’ll probably be aware of the existence of cold brew coffee. Even if you’ve never tried out, you’ll know it’s a pretty big deal among speciality coffee lovers worldwide.

But what you may not be able to get your head around is the extent to which coffee connoisseurs often proclaim cold brew coffee as the superior option. Everyone has their own unique take on gourmet coffee, but could cold brew ever truly be better than traditional coffee?

As with most things, it depends whom you ask.

One thing’s for sure – cold brew coffee really is one of the biggest things in the third wave coffee movement worldwide. What’s more, the cold brew method does indeed produce an entirely different type of specialty coffee. Far from a fad, it’s the science of the brew that results in something special.

But why is it that so many gourmet coffee addicts rank cold brew coffee so highly? More importantly, why should you make the effort to try out this speciality coffee for yourself?

1) Cold Brew Coffee is Insanely Smooth

First and foremost, the taste of cold brew coffee really is something else. Even if you’ve experimented with every specialty coffee in the book, nothing tastes quite like cold brew. As mentioned above, it’s all about the science of the extraction process. Rather than aggressively forcing flavour out of the grounds with heat, the cold brew method takes a much slower and gentler approach, usually involving soaking coffee grounds in cold water for a minimum of 12 to 18 hours. The result is a gourmet coffee that is insanely smooth and incredibly delicious. Add cream or milk if you like, but you probably won’t need it.

2) Cold Brew Coffee is Ridiculously Easy to Make

For some, the biggest problem with the third wave coffee movement is the needless complexity of the various new brewing methods doing the rounds. State-of-the-art contraptions that practically require an engineering degree to operate aren’t up everyone’s street. By contrast, cold brew coffee demonstrates how anyone can brew genuine gourmet coffee at home with ease. Grind the beans, throw them in with the water and leave them for a day or so. Take them out, strain the mixture and enjoy.

3) Cold Brew Coffee is Seriously Economical

Last but not least, the fact that no specialist equipment is required makes cold brew coffee exceptionally economical. You don’t need anything you haven’t already got in your kitchen – even something as simple as a jar or plastic tub will do. You don’t even have to heat the water, so you’re technically saving energy as an added bonus.

Third wave coffee fads will continue to come and go. But if there’s one specialty coffee you really need to get on board with, it’s cold brew coffee.

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