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Specialty Coffee: 3 Reasons We Love Pour Over Coffee | Filter Coffee

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We’re often asked by speciality coffee fans across the UK – which is the best brewing method? Assuming you want to enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee, which brewing method should you go for?

In truth, the answer comes entirely down to your own personal preferences.  These days, the third wave coffee movement has ushered in a new era of experimentation, resulting in all manner of weird and wonderful ways of brewing speciality coffee. While it’s true to say one specialty coffee brewing method can and will produce different results to another approach, it’s not to say that one is necessarily better than the other.

However you like your third wave coffee is just fine by us!

Nevertheless, we personally have a soft spot for the pour over method (a.k.a. filter coffee), when we brew specialty coffee to enjoy here at Hayman. Proudly supporting the third wave coffee movement with our own exclusive collection of speciality coffees, we’re big fans of quite a few new-generation brewing processes.

Nevertheless, we also believe that simplicity often wins the day.

Here’s a rundown of three reasons why we love the pour over coffee or filter coffee method:

1) Total control when brewing specialty coffee

First up, the better you get to control each step of the coffee making process, the easier it is to come out with flawless results. If looking to brew the perfect cup of speciality coffee, you need to be meticulous when it comes to things like water temperatures, weights, timings and so on. The pour over coffee method being a great way of taking full control of the process, enabling you to gain maximum enjoyment from the specialty coffee of your choosing.

2) Endless room for experimentation

What’s also great about the filter coffee method is that it provides you with endless scope for experimentation, in terms of calibration of water and grind.  What represents the perfect calibration for you personally probably isn’t going to be the same for others and vice-versa. Play around with ratios, try different levels of coarseness and generally ‘see what happens’ when you play around with the process. The pour over coffee method is such an easy brewing method that it’s great for experimentation.

3) Enjoy the finer qualities of your speciality coffee

Last but not least, we genuinely believe that the pour over coffee method is one of the best brewing methods to ensure you enjoy the finer qualities of the most exquisite third wave coffee. The quality of the resulting cup has the potential to be no less than exquisite, slowly but completely drawing out all those essential aromas and flavours from the grounds. And of course, the fact that there’s little to no mess to clean up afterwards serves as an additional bonus!

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