The Advantages of Pour Over Coffee and Filter Coffee

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Pour over coffee – also commonly referred to as filter coffee – is something of an oddity in terms of contemporary brewing trends. The reason being that while the popularity of pour over coffee has surged enormously over recent years, it’s actually one of the oldest and most traditional coffee brewing methods worldwide.

It’s just that with coffee in general having become so fashionable over recent years, traditional brewing methods like pour over coffee have experienced something of a renaissance.

And given the fact that there are so many alternative methods available, what exactly are the advantages of filter coffee? Why is it that so many coffee shops and home-brewers alike are returning to this classic approach as their brewing method of choice?

It’s extremely practical

Well, first of all it’s worth considering the fact that this particular approach to brewing coffee is extremely practical. Nothing needs to be plugged in and you don’t need many accessories to make it happen. In theory therefore, pour over coffee can be brewed just about anywhere and at any time.

Outstanding flavour

The science of pour over coffee (which we won’t be getting into right now) has the potential to result in the production of truly outstanding coffee. While it may not be the most technologically advanced approach to brewing a cup of coffee, filter coffee essentially proves that you don’t need to resort to extremes to come up with something truly delicious.

No skills or knowledge required

The fact that this traditional approach to brewing coffee is one of the simplest imaginable makes it the perfect choice for those with limited or perhaps no prior experience whatsoever. All that’s involved in the process is you, the filter, the coffee and the water – hence no complicated instruction manual being necessary.

Cheap and cheerful

Pour over coffee also single-handedly proves the point that you don’t have to invest in a world of expensive equipment to brew an outstanding cup. Just as long as the coffee you invest in is of high enough quality and you get the job done right, using nothing but a filter and a receptacle really can result in pure magic.

It’s portable

As previously mentioned, one of the best things about filter coffee is the way in which you can technically take your kit with you and brew a perfect cup anywhere. At work, in the park, at the beach, even while camping – outstanding coffee, wherever you go.

Rapid results

There are also little to no complexities whatsoever involved in the pour over coffee brewing process. Instead, the whole thing is set up in a matter of seconds and the perfect cup of coffee is yours soon afterwards. If anything, the whole process could be considered quite calming and meditative.

It's controllable

Last but not least, traditional filter coffee also makes it comprehensively easy to take full control over how strong or otherwise every cup of coffee is. There’s limitless room for experimentation and just as soon as you strike the ideal balance, pouring consistently excellent cups every time becomes a walk in the park!

So next time you think you need all the high-tech gadgets on the market to produce a superb cup of coffee, think again!

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