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Coffee Gifts They’ll Actually Appreciate | Coffee Presents and Coffee Gift Baskets

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Here’s a question – how to choose coffee gifts for the coffee lover who already seems to have everything?

Short answer – it needn’t be as difficult as you expect!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to complicate coffee presents to come up with something they’re guaranteed to love. It’s simply a case of stepping away from the more generic coffee presents to give something a little different.

Best of all, you don’t even have to leave home to buy the best coffee gifts out there right now!

So if there’s a special occasion of any kind coming up, consider the following simple yet hugely effective coffee presents:

1) Coffee gift baskets with exotic coffee from around the world

First up, why not consider coffee gift baskets comprising the finest and most sought-after coffee beans and around the world? Shopping online for coffee beans means gaining access to the kinds of incredible coffee you simply will not find in any standard store or supermarket. There are even regular subscription services available, giving the coffee lover in your like something new to try every month!

2) A colour changing coffee cup

A relatively new addition to the market, there’s a good chance they won’t have one of these little guys yet. The idea being that the cup has a simple, sometimes rather glum picture, which then transforms into something significantly happier and more amusing with the addition of hot coffee. A novelty perhaps, but one that might just perk up those sombre Monday mornings!

3) Coffee clothing and accessories

Most dedicated coffee lovers like to wear their hearts on their sleeves and share their passion with the world. Hence the reason why coffee clothing and accessories always make the perfect coffee presents. Particularly if you go the whole hog and order something to be customised personally for the recipient.

4) The gift of cold brew coffee

While it’s true to say you don’t need any specialist equipment to make cold brew coffee, there are still some great gadgets on the market to make the perfect cup. If you know they’re into cold brew coffee, why not upgrade their current kit with a high-end cold brewer? Even if it’s simply for style points, they’re guaranteed to be blown away and get some serious use out of it.

5) Creative coffee gift baskets

If really struggling to narrow things down to a single gift, coffee gift baskets represent the ideal solution. Rather than giving a single gift, why not combine a bunch of smaller gifts into the coffee package of their dreams? Throw in some gourmet coffee and a couple of gadgets and you’re good to go!

6) Thermal mugs

Last but not least, every coffee lover is guaranteed to appreciate anything that enables them to take their favourite java with them on the go. Check out the very best thermal mugs and containers on the market, perhaps choosing a novelty or personalised option that suits their personality. Either way, you won’t go far wrong!

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