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Best Ideas of Coffee Gift Baskets for All Occasions | Coffee Gifts | Coffee Presents

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Shopping for coffee gifts often becomes more complicated than expected.  Precisely why coffee gift baskets represent the perfect choice for all recipients and all occasions. 

Coffee gift baskets provide the opportunity to customise the contents, in accordance with the preferences and requirements of the lucky recipient. Just to illustrate the versatility of coffee gift baskets in a little more detail, here’s a rundown of just a few ideas for purpose-specific coffee presents:

Student coffee gift baskets

As the vast majority of students couldn’t possibly survive without coffee, what better gift than a coffee gift basket? Throw in a thermal mug to keep their coffee warm while out on the go, some super-strong espresso for those ‘mornings after’ and maybe a few trinkets to remind them of home. Not to mention, plenty of individual sugars and creamers as they’re guaranteed to let their shopping habits slip from time to time!

Wedding coffee gift baskets

Coffee presents in general are also great for weddings, assuming both members of the couple enjoy java. Personalised mugs and related accessories for the husband and wife are always appreciated, as is gourmet coffee, chocolates and so on. Scented candles can also be great, as can trays for morning coffees in bed and so on. Think cosy and romantic and you won’t go far wrong.

Coffee lover’s gift basket 

If there’s a true coffee connoisseur in your life, creating the perfect coffee gift baskets can be surprisingly easy. You simply need to focus on everything exclusive and luxurious. Choose from the best coffee beans online, or perhaps sign them up as something of a subscription. There’s also the option of recipe books, personalised coffee items and the more advanced gadgets only a true gourmet coffee lover would get a kick out of.

Mother’s Day coffee gifts

When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s all about sentiment and meaning. Making this the perfect time to create a coffee gift basket with as many personalised and sentimental items as possible. Ensure you include some high-quality arabica coffee you know she will love, along with a personalised mug, a heartfelt card and really anything else you can think of. A framed photo can also go down a treat as part of a Mother’s Day gift basket.

Corporate coffee presents

Last but not least, coffee gifts baskets are also great for business occasions and events of all types. After all, it’s rare to meet an office worker who isn’t primarily powered by caffeine! In this instance, the key lies in keeping things light-hearted and enjoyable. Amusing coffee mugs and related paraphernalia, perhaps a desktop drip pouring system for the true coffee addict and some decent coffee as a welcome change from the swill in the canteen.

So as you can see, coffee presents with a little creativity can be perfect for just about any recipient and occasion. Check out Hayman’s full range of gourmet coffee and coffee gifts online for more ideas and inspiration. We bring you the world’s very best coffees in a beautiful box – click here to order today, we ship worldwide!