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5 Myths About Online Gift Cards

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Online gift cards are a subject of widespread misunderstanding and misinformation. Despite being just about as simple as a concept gets, they have a tendency to attract quite a bit of scrutiny.

In order to clarify a few sticking points, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most common myths of all. All of which can be further from the truth with our own online gift cards, or those of any other responsible retailer.

Let’s get started:

1) Online Gift Cards Are a Security Risk

Firstly, online gift cards are in no way a security risk. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing an online gift card does not put your private information at risk.  When you buy a virtual gift card, you effectively buy a coupon code for the store in question. A unique combination of alphanumeric characters, which when entered reduces the price of the purchase accordingly. Even if your gift card code unknowingly fell into the wrong hands, it would not pose a risk to your private information.

2) Online Gift Cards Limit Your Buying Options

With our online gift cards, you can buy absolutely anything you like from our full product catalogue. A premium bag of Hawaiian coffee, the best Kona coffee beans money can buy - whatever it is that takes your fancy. No limitations and no restrictions, as should be the case with any online gift card worth buying.

3) Online Gift Cards Must Be Redeemed Fast

But what if the Hawaiian coffee you’ve had your eye on is out of stock? What if your online gift card has a fairly short expiry date? This can be an issue with gift cards from some stores, but not ours. All our online gift cards are valid for one year, which gives more than enough time for the lucky recipient to spend it fully.

4) Online Gift Cards Need to Be Spent All at Once

Being forced to spend the entirety of your online gift card all at once is unfair. If you’ve still credit left on your card after buying the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces, it should be yours to do with as you wish. Which is precisely the case with our online gift cards, which can be spent as gradually as the recipient likes.  Pick up a bag of the best Kona coffee beans today and spend the rest later at your leisure.

5) Online Gift Cards Can’t Be Used in Conjunction with Other Offers

Last up, barring the use of gift cards in conjunction with other offers is actually quite commonplace.  It’s also completely unjustifiable, as a gift card is a form of currency - not a special offer. Under no circumstances should a gift card be purchased given that it cannot be used in conjunction with special offers, discounts and promos in general. No such restrictions apply here at Hayman, where our gift cards can be used in the same way as any other form of payment.

At Hayman Coffee, we’re committed to offering online gift cards that are as flexible and accommodating as possible. No restrictions and no complicated terms and conditions, just the freedom to choose whatever you like from our entire product range - click here to order now!