A Guide to the Different Types of Hawaiian Coffee | Updated 2023

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In one of our recent posts, we touched upon the different types of Hawaiian coffee worth checking out. Today, we’ll be digging a little deeper with more helpful insights into the very best Hawaiian coffee money can buy in 2023.

Kona Coffee

Pick up the best Kona coffee beans Hawaii produces and there really is no comparison with anything else. You can search high and low, but this really is as good as coffee gets, hence being considered by many the best coffee in the world. Delicate and aromatic, the best Kona coffee beans have the most fantastic floral notes with hints of caramel, brown sugar, milk chocolate and rich dried fruits. It’s like no other coffee on the face of the earth and well worth indulging in from time to time. The best Kona coffee Hawaii produces isn’t cheap, but it’s a small price to pay for what you get in return!

Ka'u Coffee

Cultivated in the southernmost areas of the Big Island, Ka'u Coffee went into production as recently as 1996. At which point, it became an immediate success story of epic proportions. Like its counterpart above, there’s a distinctly floral bouquet to Ka'u Coffee, which combines with a smooth and silky taste that’s exceptionally palatable. Definitely worth checking out and often available at a relatively bargain price, considering how fantastic it is.

Puna Coffee

The fantastically nutty and often chocolate-spiked flavor of Puna Coffee can sometimes fool you into thinking you’re drinking a marvelous mocha. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soils between two of the country’s National Parks, Puna Coffee produces a heavy, full-bodied and uncompromising cup. You’ll find plenty scattered around most farmers markets around Hawaii, being snapped up by the locals who cannot get enough of it (and for good reason).

Hamakua Coffee

This is another fairly recent addition to the country’s coffee cultivation landscape, with the region’s farms having previously remained dormant for almost a century. Now back in business as of 2000, the Hamakua Coffee production region is small in size but huge in appeal. The flavor of Hamakua Coffee is rich on a level that goes beyond most other coffees, building to a smooth finish with a lingering chocolate aftertaste that will delight your senses.

Kauai Coffee

One of the largest coffee producing regions in Hawaii, Kauai has an annual output similar to that of Kona. Depending on who you ask, Kauai Coffee could be described as equal to Kona coffee in terms of pure enjoyment, while being slightly cheaper. Decadently delicious and beautifully clean, it has a mild acidity which some argue makes it as flavorful as its main rival. Still, why limit yourself to one of the two, when you can enjoy both?

Moloka'i Coffee

Last but not least, Moloka'i Coffee is produced in a traditional 490 acre (200 hectares) plantation in the village of Kualapu‘u. A beautifully rich coffee that’s best enjoyed at a medium roast, it has enormous depth of flavor with just a hint of bitter dark chocolate. The cultivation and coffee cherry selection process with Moloka'i Coffee is as meticulous as it gets, ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience.

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