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What Makes Hawaii Kona Coffee So Exclusive?

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Hawaiian coffee in general has a global reputation for being in something for a league of its own. Decadent, delicious and decidedly premium in price-terms, it’s the kind of coffee connoisseurs swear by. 

In particular, Kona coffee has come into its own over recent years as one of the most exclusive and sought-after products of its kind. Extraordinarily delicious and having the kind of quality that’s becoming increasingly rare these days, Kona coffee is a firm favourite among coffee-lovers all over the world.

But what is it about this particular type of Hawaiian coffee that makes it so exclusive? And by exclusive, we of course mean comparatively expensive.  Why is it that Kona tends to cost considerably more the most comparable coffees from across the same country?

For three very good reasons, which are as follows:

1) The Kona Coffee Belt Is Very Small

First and foremost, the area in which this type of coffee can be grown is only 30 miles long and less than one mile wide. Meaning that whichever way you look at it, it really is one of the tiniest coffee-growing regions in the world. What’s more, you cannot legally call a product 100% Kona coffee unless it was grown in this precise region. Hence the reason why Kona accounts for less than 0,1% of the total amount of coffee grown worldwide every year. And as we all know, rarity breeds exclusivity – not to mention higher prices!

2) Volcanic Island Conditions

Some prestigious coffees develop their incredible quality and profile by growing in volcanic soil. In other instances, it’s a case of very specific island climates doing the business. But when it comes to Kona coffee, it’s the combination of both that gives it such a unique profile. Grown 800-2500 feet up the side of the biggest active volcano in the world, it’s not as if these kinds of conditions can be easily replicated elsewhere. What’s more, every single element of the cultivation and harvesting process is handled manually, without a single piece of industrial machinery ever being brought into the equation.

3) Skilled and Experienced Labour

Last but not least, the fact that the cultivation process is so specific and meticulous means that only those with the necessary experience and expertise can get the job done. Meaning that the Kona coffee industry isn’t one that uses low-paid labour at any time or under any circumstances. Instead, experienced workers are paid a fair and competitive wage for their input in this demanding and prestigious process. Hence why it is impossible to grow Kona coffee for the same kinds of low prices you would associate with coffees farmed in several other countries.

Above all else, the thing to remember about this most extraordinary example of Hawaiian coffee is that when it comes to value for money…well, it really is on a different level. For those with a taste for the kind of coffee that goes above and beyond pretty much everything you’ve tasted to date, the Kona coffee experience comes highly recommended!

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