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What to Do with Partially Used Online Gift Cards?

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According to a study conducted a few years ago, Brits waste £250 million each year on unused gift cards. That’s £250 million of hard currency, tossed down the drain for no good reason.

What is interesting is how the majority of this waste is not attributed to wholly unused gift cards. Instead, it’s down to the remaining balance on gift cards not being utilized, following an initial purchase or two.

Something even more prevalent with online gift cards, given how they lack a physical form.

You receive your online gift card, you treat yourself to the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces and you enjoy every sip. You pick up another bag of the best Kona coffee beans money can buy a little later, leaving the remaining balance on your card to gather virtual dust.

All of which adds up to a monumental collective waste of money, but one that can and should be avoided.

If you find yourself sitting on partially used online gift cards this Christmas, here’s what to do with it:

1) Use It

The most obvious option of all, why not simply use it? If it’s not enough to cover the costs of a bag of Hawaiian coffee beans, why not pick up something more modestly priced? Surely anything is better than letting the remaining credit on your card go to waste.

2) Sell It

The UK’s resale market for partially used gift cards is absolutely enormous.  The idea being that you sell the card for slightly less than its actual credit value, as an incentive and bonus for the buyer. You’d be surprised how many people are always on the lookout to pick up a £10 gift card for £8 or so. As they say, every little helps!

3) Donate It

Gift cards are always welcomed by charity shops and non-profits - including partially used cards. The whole point of charitable donations is to take something that would otherwise go to waste and turn it into something valuable.  Chances are, your local charity shop will be more than happy to take your excess gift card credit off your hands.

4) Give it Away 

Alternatively, you could simply give the remaining balance away to a friend or family member. If you have no intentions of using it yourself, you may as well let someone else. It may not be the most moving or meaningful of gifts, but it’s still a gift guaranteed to be well received.

5) Keep it On Your Smartphone

Last up, a virtual gift card is essentially just a string of numbers and letters. In which case, why not keep it on your smartphone for easy retrieval? At least this way, you’re unlikely to forget that it exists entirely and let it go to waste.

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