Hawaiian Coffee: Everything You Need To Know (Part 2)

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As promised, today we’ll be delving even deeper into the fabulous world of Hawaiian coffee. Again, the perfect excuse to pick up a bag of the best Kona coffee beans money can buy and indulge your senses!

Why Not See Where the Magic Happens?

To a degree, Hawaii’s gourmet coffee industry is propped up heavily by tourism. Most Kona coffee produced is exported, but the island’s small-scale farmers need to find other ways to keep themselves in business.

All of which translates to one of the most fantastically open and accessible coffee farming regions in the world. When visiting Hawaii, you never have to venture too far to find places organizing Kona coffee experienceexcursions.

If you want to see where the magic happens and taste the freshest Kona coffee in existence, you can do just that. Not to mention, take home a few well-deserved souvenirs like nothing else you could ever buy at home!

What Are the Best Coffees from Hawaii?

Of course, Kona coffee beans are not the only coffee beans the country produces and exports. They may be the most popular and exclusive of all, but they are accompanied by countless other beans from equally reputable farms.

For example, Mokka coffee produced on Maui is absolutely exquisite. It’s relatively hard to come by and packs a heavy price, but has unique qualities that make it more than worth tracking down.

Coffees from the Ka’u district are also sublime, which is a region opposite the Kona coffee production area on the Big Island.

You’ll find plenty of smaller coffee producers doing their thing across Hawaii – all pretty fantastic, making it difficult to go wrong.

What’s the Best Way to Brew Hawaiian Coffee?

Rounding things off, there’s much debate as to which is truly the way to produce a fantastic cup of Hawaiian coffee. Which is understandable, given how it’s all about personal tastes and preferences.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of seasoned coffee connoisseurs believe Kona coffee should be brewed one of two ways – using the traditional pour over method, or a French Press.

In both instances, the key to getting it right means following the basics of brewing gourmet coffee in general. Keep an eye on your weights and measures, noting the ratios you use to find your perfect balance. Never use boiling water as it will scold the grounds, ensure you grind your beans to the right consistency and do so just before you brew.

Importantly, take your time and enjoy every step of the ceremony for what it is.  And of course, you can forget about spoiling high-end coffees like these with a bunch of super-sweet syrups and additives. The best Kona coffee Hawaii produces should be experienced only in its purest form – save the additives for your more conventional cup!

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