Why the World Loves Pour Over Coffee

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Pour over coffee has been around in one form or another since coffee itself was first discovered. It’s technically the simplest form of filter coffee you can make, which involves nothing more than pouring water over a measured quantity of coffee in a filter.

Simple, effective and just the thing for creating barista-quality brews at home.

But what is it specifically about pour over coffee that’s got the world so hopelessly smitten? Why is it that simple, old-fashioned filter coffee has experienced a remarkable renaissance over the past few years?

High-end gadgets and complicated brewing paraphernalia will always have their place on the gourmet coffee landscape. Nevertheless, take a moment to consider (and appreciate) the advantages of pour over coffee and its appeal is impossible to deny.

Unrivalled Practicality

As already mentioned, the simplicity and convenience of pour over coffee are unrivalled. Next to no equipment or accessories whatsoever are required to make it, meaning you can throw a cup together any place and at any time with ease.

You Don’t Need a Degree in Coffee Brewing

Admittedly, there is an art to brewing the perfect cup of filter coffee that takes some time to perfect. But at the same time, making a solid cup of coffee using the dripped method is 100% fool-proof. Just as long as you start out with some decent coffee and get your ratios right, you’re more or less guaranteed something special in return.

It’s Surprisingly Satisfying

There’s something ceremonious about taking the manual (and old-fashioned) approach to brewing coffee. Hitting the button on a €1,500 bean-to-cup machine is all well and good, but lacks the satisfaction of getting the job done yourself.  Pour over coffee takes things back to basics and brings a shot of serious satisfaction into every cup.

All-Round Affordability

Setting yourself up with the highest-end pour over coffee equipment money can buy and spending a packet in the process is an option. But it’s far from the only option available, as you can also spend next to nothing on the basics and use the gear you already have in your kitchen. By far, filter coffee will always be the cheapest option for preparing gourmet coffee on a shoestring.

Endless Experimentation

This is also a brewing method that makes it easy to experiment to your heart’s content with different weights, measures, ratios, temperatures and so on. Take notes in a coffee brewing journal and you’ll soon have your perfect coffee recipe nailed, ensuring consistently superior results with each subsequent brew.

Super Speedy and Minimal Mess

Last up, brewing an award-worthy cup of pour over coffee takes no time at all.  Best of all, getting to grips with filter coffee also means little to no mess to deal with on the other side. It’s a portable brewing method you can take anywhere you go, and you don’t have to worry about spending ages cleaning up afterwards.

Convenience, quality, practicality, flavor, satisfaction, value for money…what’s not to like about pour over coffee?

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